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Your News from Israel – Nov. 16, 2020

Your News from Israel – Nov. 16, 2020

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Your News from Israel – Nov. 16, 2020

Israel announces big changes in East #Jerusalem ahead of the changing of the guard in the US.

ILTV gets up close and personal with Israel’s outgoing coronavirus czar, professor Ronnie #Gamzu.

On the eve of the Jewish holiday of #Sigd… Israeli authorities introducing Israel’s second-ever would-be astronaut.

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ILTV is an independent English-language media company based in Tel Aviv that provides daily news and entertainment to its viewers.

Launched in 2015, ILTV is committed to producing high quality content in a broad array of subjects, from reporting news and current events to programming which highlights technology, art and entertainment, sports and culture.

In today’s media, biased reporting and anti-Israel agendas are prevalent, as the State of Israel is under relentless attack.
From the “spinning” of unfolding political events in order to display Israel in a negative light, to the misrepresenting facts, media outlets are providing the fuel which shapes negative public opinion and contributes to the Delegitimization of the State of Israel.

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26 gedachten over “Your News from Israel – Nov. 16, 2020

  1. What happened to the journalism principles of Amanpor when she knows that Hitler and Trump are incomparable because Hitler is a dictator while Trump follows the constitution of the U.S.

  2. You will see Nazi-Biden regime will screw up everything Trump did for Isreal. Sad

  3. a really good show on israel report .org. about the election fraud in USa

  4. Hi, my Muslim friends in Jerusalem tell me their relatives came from other lands a hundred years ago.Just because there was a Muslim invasion in the Middle Ages does not give a right to not allow a Jewish country from growing within its small borders

  5. prepare for The Warning Second Coming of Jesus CHRIST

  6. prepare for The Warning Second Coming of Jesus CHRIST

  7. Hello Amir, it will be very difficult to catch pretty chickens with hairless heads, we both without shiny head hair, we look like the uranutane in an Amazon house.

  8. To all Readers: forget the apology. Just all of you cancel yout subscriptions today on youtube and place a note explaining why you will never watch cnn again. Money talks even when shame is absent.

  9. Biden is not elected president the media is lying to everyone check NewsMax Tv asap and see the truth dont trust biden BLM – BIDEN LAPTOP MATTERS (Check whats in it and you'd be shocked)

  10. Hello, Aaron; all of you ILTVers. 😀

  11. There is NO land west of the Jordan River, including Gaza, that is “disputed” in international law. It belongs solely to Israel. See my comment below. Also, CNN is a reprehensible fake-news evil organization. They could care less about apologizing for an outrageous comparison because they'd have to be apologizing for more air time than spent presenting stories & opinion. Ubiquitously in America among all levels of the Left, the use of the term Nazi & use of the animalhood of Hitler to malign President Trump & his hundreds of millions of admirers.You

  12. Biden will stop the satilment s

  13. Your guest calling Israel building west of the Jordan River “practically annexing” is stupid, evil, & hypocritical. He accused Amanpour of a false equivalency of which he too is now guilty. There is no need for Israel in international law to annex any part of the land west of the Jordan River as it ALL belongs SOLELY to Israel. He doesn't understand how much more costly & stupidly foolish to scrap plans to build that have been in the works, or should have been in the works, for a long time. His cowardly comment that it's an international incident is just that.

  14. There never will be a Palestinian state never will the children of Israel ever lose there rightful land they are back home to stay even war won't work against them. A covenant made with the great I AM of the Bible Jesus Christ God almighty will make sure of that yes your Messiah you thick heads rejected.

  15. Do what Moses did, separate the sick away from the camp, and don't lock down the camp!

  16. Please can anyone tell me what is the name of the tragedy that they are speaking about here that someone has compared and is being called to apologise for I don't know what the word is. Sorry but I am trying to learn more about Israel and the Jewish people. Thank you God bless Israel.

  17. It all belongs to Israel. They can build whatever they like .. just like every other so called “occupier” of that perpetually “occupied” imaginary nation has for millennia.

  18. May God bless you, the American left has been anti Jew ish from Wilson, Roosevelt,and the Bush es, Obama and now Biden, Trump and Reagan supportive of your right to exist

  19. Yes Tucker Biden three hard drives matter, and are being hidden by who??? Mossad release them!!!

  20. Biden has not been elected President … The Marxists have tried to steal the election but I believe that it will fail in the end.. Should the globalist / deep state do steal the election the USA and Israel both will be shafted badly…

  21. Hi guys how are doing
    I wish you all happy Deepavalli 2020-2120
    Horcool =may tough & friendly-nice & smarty-compassionate & non-violent= humanitarian protest bring peace & harmony to USA & World = happy “deepavalli 2020 2120”-festival of light=good luck = no ww3 = thank you Hootcool = who is 666 = I wonder dose he travel in car different type of nuts&bolts – thank you Hotcool= may Carl Marx have a happy rebirth = miss interpretations of his books have cased chaos =[x+y=??]= similar effects are evident in miss interpretations of American Dream & Holly Books=good luck USA=in gods speed peace please no WW3=Forensic Psych+= thank you Hotcool = world is going through clash of ideas =??= Guns have No-Brains = just Heal the Person Behind the Gun =Peace with a Smile = good luck USA + earth =no ww3 please= thank you , Hotcool = I wish you all happy Deepavali [ festival of light] from the land of Vibeeshna (Ramayana) =may there be world peace through truthful smarty compassion = no ww3 – peace please = thank you

    Hotcool = I wonder if there are third & forth unknown party who want to control the WH =please DO-NOT involve in BLAME-GAMES until all the facts are out [ASMR or NOT]= blame games can lead to end factors = please be safe smarty = thank you be safe compassionate smarty please= peace please – no ww3 = thank you
    Hoecool = back&forth & outside effects of Weber's Law –effects =thank you Dr.
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  22. Keep building more home Israel needs them for the Jews that are returning may. The Lord help you

  23. God Bless this Holly natión in the name of Jesuschist amén where is Faith there's victory Jesuschist is coming for the second time wake up Israel ♥️

  24. He's not the president elect!!!!!!!

  25. I love Beautiful Israel so much with all my heart.

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