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Your Hair Will Grow Like Crazy With These 5 Tips! (With Pictures)

Your Hair Will Grow Like Crazy With These 5 Tips!  (With Pictures)

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Learn how to naturally grow your hair with these 5 hair care tips and products!

– Minha Scalp Massager + Shampoo Brush:

Groove Scalp Massager by Vanity Planet:

Use discount code ‘amandagroove’ to get 50% OFF! Originally $40, now only $20 with my code.

Check out my instagram for more hair tips!

Tutorial on this Wash & Go Routine! :

Products In This Video:
– Spring Valley Biotin:
– NOW Lavender Essential Oil:
– Tropic Isle Castor Oil (Recommended Oil)
(Amazon’s Choice)
– Africa’s Best Herbal Oil
– Urban Decay Psycho Lipstick (lipstick i’m wearing)

The scalp massager portion of this video was sponsored by Vanity Planet. Thanks for watching! 🙂




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Disclaimer: Consult a doctor/physician before ingesting/using any new medications, vitamins, supplements and/or topical products. If a reaction occurs, discontinue immediately and call a physician or an emergency line. All information given during the video is opinion based and should not be taken as professional advice. Follow at own discretion.

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25 gedachten over “Your Hair Will Grow Like Crazy With These 5 Tips! (With Pictures)

  1. Did you also cut your hair?

  2. You look like the singer Selena ♥️

  3. Whao you look high definition!

  4. Omy ur short blonde hair made u look like jhene aiko!!

  5. 1) products2) hair massage3) don’t color 4) no heat5) essential oils 6) limit the stress7) trim those ends8) wood brush 9) no tension10) diet11) go longer without washing12) don’t shampoo ends Lots of love ❤️

  6. Hi Amanda just wanted to ask you about the products of devacurl. I saw anothet video about the products damaging the hair and causin people to loose there hair. For how long do you used this product? Im currently following you to fix my hair as well and just purchase all the hair products you mentioned. Also can you make a video with a normal day hair routine after your day wash. Example do you add more products to your hair? do you comb?

  7. I wish I had hair just like this

  8. Is it alright to wash one's hair every day? I have very oily hair. Also, since I have very oily hair – is it still recommended to use conditioner? Thank you for your help!

  9. Is your promo code for the scalp massager still active?

  10. You r a pretty woman and the colour of your lips looks great on you

  11. The best hair tipI completely agree My hair are Locs very thick -almost waist length and I only use rose water and caster oilFor refresh days and shampoo for wash days

  12. I had relaxer 2 years ago and it caused breakage. I stopped and started diluting castor oil with pepper mint oil and my hair started growing like crazy and my hair is becoming thicker with the castor oil as well.

  13. Love your hair. You're beautiful ❤

  14. Yes girl ! I need all these tips Lord help me I jacked my hair up lol

  15. What’s your hair type? I think we have a similar hair texture 🙂

  16. Does she have a list I can print off. So much info to remember

  17. Your hair looks very healthy. My hair use to look that way but I bleached it way to much. Its still long. But I miss the texture being soft and bouncy. This video makes me have hope I can get it back to being healthy, without cutting it all off.

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