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Y’all Wait Up for Me & Lady Stafford Now‼️

Y’all Wait Up for Me & Lady Stafford Now‼️

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18 gedachten over “Y’all Wait Up for Me & Lady Stafford Now‼️

  1. C'EST THE END de leur chantages EN TROTRE…..

  2. You never get over the loss of your mom….God just gives us grace to live THROUGH it. I gave her …her flowers while she was here so I have no regrets…I just miss her….but she's always with me❤️in spirit.


  4. I love you two on lives together❤️❤️❤️

  5. Craig if they didn't hurt you in life they definitely won't in death you won't have to move your mother loves you!! And I feel my parents, gradmas presence all the time even smelt moms perfume scent through my house when she passed!!

  6. There is nothing wrong with explaining yourself to someone or to somebody or anybody. For any reason. But once is enough. .. we all should be adults. So that means explaining it once is enough….And if they don't understand that. Then it's their problem not yours…. I rest my case ❤️

  7. Happy early birthday keon ❤️

  8. This conversation was good. Really was beyond good. It was well needed to me. Everybody may not see it the same as I do… But it was definitely good therapy. Good reiterating for me…..❤️

  9. My wake up call for my health was when I turned 29 and was sick as a dog in the hospital for 2 weeks couldn't keep anything down. Doctors didn't know what was wrong. 3 years later im proud to say I'm down almost 90 pounds naturally, no no more diabetes or high blood pressure. I have definitely added years to my life. You were absolutely right about investing in your health

  10. God the Father ,Son and Holy Spirit !

  11. Craig not seeing Phat girls is like not seeing Friday

  12. My mother gave all her kids 1000 dollars which me and my siblings never seen in all our childhood added together but the following week she passed

  13. I took care of my mom nd she died nd now I’m bless I live a good life now she died


  15. Love when you are with Keon or talking with him still not use to the others you have on your channel but love you to death and still watching

  16. My mom passed away nearly 10 years ago. You never get over it or passed it. Instead, you just learn to press on without them. There will always and I mean always be a moment where something is happening in your life. And you’ll miss them and wish they were there. True story, about 2 months after my mom passed, something funny happened to me. I picked up my phone to tell her about it and my mind went blank for a moment. Then I remembered she was gone. It was so… just wow.

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