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Why Testing Magnesium Is So Important & My Mistake

Why Testing Magnesium Is So Important & My Mistake

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In this video I will be sharing a lesson learned with you regarding testing magnesium on a consistent basis in my reef tank. I failed to test as a result my levels dropped and I could of lost everything. My sps and Lps coral are doing better but unfortunately i ended up losing one sps colony.

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14 gedachten over “Why Testing Magnesium Is So Important & My Mistake

  1. hey what do you doze to raise your magnesium? what product do you test with.?

  2. I haven't tested for this yet …. do I need to if I don't have corals ???

  3. very informative video. Sorry about the colony loss.

  4. Great advice, ours was low too 2 weeks ago at 1140, calcium was still ok but alkalinity was very low at 5. Checked parameters last week and got magnesium up to 1200 and alkalinity has risen to 6 (still too low but it's rising). Needless to say our frags have been suffering and some have died, and an algae outbreak hasn't been doing them any favors either. Due to check parameters again today so hopefully they have risen more. So I am in 100% agreement with you on this Travis, it's so important to keep a check on the parameters.

  5. If only there was a hanna checker for Magnesium I would test it more. That is the only test that I hate doing because it takes “so long”. I use the Red Sea test kit as well. Very good video man.

  6. What product to you use to check calcium and magnesium ???

  7. Did you end up taking the mangroves out? I noticed since I introduced mangroves to mine my mag is down.

  8. I was up 13 days didnt know why! They gave me mag. And was fine. Having issues about it would like ur options. Ty

  9. Hey Travis,I can’t get my mag below 1600(Red Sea test). I’m Dosing brs two part with dosing pumps every two hours, alternating (alk 8.5 cal 460)and using tropic Marin pro salt. Even if I don’t do a water change for 3 to 4 weeks it still won’t drop. Any ideas? Coral(mixed reef w/acros) growth is good not great.

  10. how do u get mag down when to elevated please ?

  11. Do you know how to lower high levels of iodine? Every time I test it with the Red Sea kit it shows above 0.09 witch is to high and I can’t find anything online on how to lower it

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