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Why I Stopped Collecting Crystals (honest advice you should hear)

Why I Stopped Collecting Crystals (honest advice you should hear)

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I stopped collecting crystals, tarot, and all things metaphysical for nearly two years. There were two huge reasons why, and as someone who was OBSESSED, this was a real struggle for me. But this is brutally honest advice I think you really need to hear if you also collect crystals, oracle and tarot decks.

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I am a 26-year-old on a spiritual journey. My mission with this channel is to share my experiences along the way so that others don’t feel so alone in their own journey of self-discovery. So, come along with me as I discover new habits, make mistakes, explore new places, challenge myself to disconnect from technology, and rediscover what it means to truly be alive. I’m not your guide, YouTube has plenty of those, but I will be your companion. 💗🌱

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25 gedachten over “Why I Stopped Collecting Crystals (honest advice you should hear)

  1. i dont really believe they really do anything but pretty rocks……

  2. Ok i get it, I get my first Crystal at birth. So I have never had this Journey where I discovered crystals. I do believe they could do all that, because I believe you create your own reality. So everting you believe and what vibration and energy you have creates you. It is not about the crystals if you don’t have a high vibration.

  3. Ok your just not spiritually enlightened

  4. ngl, my blue adventurine crystal makes me astral project everytime i hold it in my hand and go to sleep I suggest u try it.

  5. The only shiny thing your need The The glory of the Lord Jesus Christ .He is the TRUTH, the Light, and the Way.

  6. Crystals are forbidden as Christians. I love them but just admire from afar

  7. I use my rocks to hex others. Binding spells

  8. Crystals aid only in the harness of energy because of their natural ionic and mineral makeup. It's an aid. If you are relying solely on it for a transformation and border on fanaticism, i dont think that will work. It's definitely not a be all and end all. Self healing starts with you, not on a bunch of stones.

  9. I bought some to protect me from evils and curses, a couple months ago it just seemed like strangers were constantly following me and harassing me, it was so odd, so I went to a crystal shop and the salesperson was so nice and so understanding of my plight I bought a $20 garnet and I really think after that the curse started to wane. And it's been like 2 months since that happened and literally I don't have strangers following and bothering me anymore. People need to remember there is a metaphysical world, and there are people who have dark energy and they can put a dark curse on you. So be careful with whom you associate with and if they give you bad vibes and bad energy look for ways to cleanse it.

  10. are crystals magnetic? because i went to a shop that had anti-theft sensors by the doors and they went off

  11. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never been into using crystals, but someone bought me one and I thought I’d look up the meaning and use people have attached to this rock. It’s interesting, but I don’t think the power is in the rock in terms of spiritual power. Maybe there is a type of energetic force (like different materials have – magnets, etc), but the only one who has all the answers and purposes for our life is GOD. Having a personal relationship with Jesus and receiving the Holy Spirit while also learning the Bible and following God’s word is the way to find ourself and maximize our potential . Rocks are a distraction from people getting healed by God, but if someone wants to use a rock a point of remembrance for certain prayers I think that can be a good practice for being consistent with our prayer life.

  12. Girl its not because of materialism that you shouldn't buy crystals & why you should get rid of all of them. I cant think of a better material possession. Its because rocks & crystals have harmful minerals in them. Arsenic. Floride. Gelena etc.

  13. thank you so much for this video. I love to consume but i never use all the crystals i have. I have so many. I love crystals so much. i’m going to try to sell them as jewelry or maybe give them to people i think that need them.

  14. Wow! Yesterday as I was shopping for crystals and other items, I received a feeling or thought saying that I didn't need all this to heal and help others. The divine connection naturally exists and faith and hope will manifest our well being.

  15. Im not trying to start an argument or anything but I think people should put their faith in God and not in his creation. There is nothing wrong with liking and collecting crystals and gemstones for their beauty but it is wrong if you put your faith in them because they are just rocks and it becomes an idol. If you want to grow spiritually there is always the bible there is nothing that God cant do God bless everyone and stay safe ❤

  16. new crystal lover here! tysm for this! whenever trying a new thing, i try to dig deep and see what my true intentions are. this video helped me see that i don't want/believe that crystals will magically change my life overnight. however, i do like the balance, peace, and confidence theyve helped me seek.

  17. I am extremely glad I found your channel. Exactly what I’m going through rn. The universe has been giving me several beautiful signs and tools that I need to turn my life around and it doesn’t surprise me I stumble upon your channel. Thank you so much I’ve been watched your videos and I’m honestly so thankful.

  18. I just need a friend. Sometimes that’s all a person needs. That one person whom you can really and truly talk to. Get real listening and sometimes real talk responses.

  19. Do you got any Crystal's u can give me for free

  20. Thank you makes lots of sense and actually answered my question I was having of myself. ❤️❤️❤️

  21. I don't know about Tarot cards or any of the rest stuff you're talking about; but as a Geologist, I just love the rocks!

  22. Too much, extremes are never good! It’s a process, yes, but you have to DEEPEN your knowledge in only one thing, one at a time! You just need one tarot deck and one crystal at different periods of life. Go deep with only that. Everything needs education, for sure! Thank you for exposing the materialism again and healthy boundaries!

  23. Thing is if the crystal isn't used as a tool for any real given purpose, to get something out of it, whether that is through meditation. Which is a practice which is highly beneficial for all. Crystals help by having something solid to work with. They will only be pretty stones. Shadow work/ meditation will help with ego, They require practice, as it is a skill to be work towards. Quick fixes are not helpful..the practices of the processes is!

  24. I understand what you are getting at…I applaud you for recognizing what was happening

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