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Why Biotin is Not Your Friend

Why Biotin is Not Your Friend

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The biotin buzz has been going on for a minute. You take these supplements and you get longer hair right? Sounds simple enough.But it’s important to recognize that biotin is only one piece of the pie. You can easily overcompensate in biotin and become deficient in other minerals. Here’s why biotin will not treat your thinning hair alone.

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25 gedachten over “Why Biotin is Not Your Friend

  1. Truth.. Biotin will increase the speed of your hair growth for hair follicles you “currently” have. But it will not increase growth or be as effective in balding areas where hair isnt already growing.

  2. Sure biotin helped my beard grow and made my eyebrows look healthy. Even noticed my eye lashes grew too, but will never help you with hair loss that's facts.

  3. Biotin and Vitamin B5 has been used to grow hair SINCE THE 1940s !!! That's why its so renowned in modern times. Isolated biotin does promote healthy hair growth with a healthy protein rich diet high in b vitamins and minerals DHT IS THE REAL PROBLEM. And you need to have a serious conversation about this because most men don't know the serious affects it has on specific male pattern baldness and thinning.

  4. my man , you always give us your great knowledge !

  5. Everytime I comb my beard, hair comes out, is that normal?

  6. Thank you for the breakdown.

  7. I hear Saw Palmetto helps over biotin for hair loss and dht blocker shampoo

  8. Bruh, why did i read this as bitcoin

  9. Does smoking weed affect your haircut in anyway

  10. I use it for hair and strong nail growth. Natural shine you get from it is great but yeaaa, not gonna magically grow back hair you lost already. Sorry my balding brothers.

  11. Hey B, I love your channel and how it has transformed over time and the information you give to us, this kind of information isn't readily available for us and I love that your filling this gap. What I'm not loving is the color grading in your recent videos bruv, respectfully.

  12. Assalam ' alaikum Bro , so what vitamins are good for growing a healthy diet is beard ?

  13. What's up B! Great video as always my brother. What should I do to to reverse thinning hair?

  14. Man if y'all knew, if y'all really realized. Biotin 10 000 mcg and Collagen plus combined with neo hair lotion and dermaroller really bringed back my ultimate hairline. The thickness and shineness is also back. My beard amassed substantially also. If y'all knew

  15. When should I even take biotin?

  16. Biotin helps me a lot, I don't know who is this in the video

  17. So what would you recommend for hair loss or thinning hair

  18. I just want my hair to grow so I can change hairstyles

  19. Ok but I have seen with my own eyes it work for a freind, and it worked really well, so I don't get it…

  20. I'm here for my patchy beard phase

  21. what’s something good to use for hair less for men?

  22. Whenever I watch ur vids…I can't help but to think is this how Ray J goes over things with his team for promotion

  23. You sound like a hater

  24. Wrong it can grow back hair if you do it with DERMA-ROLLING

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