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What is Chlorella Anyway? | Fresh P

What is Chlorella Anyway?  |  Fresh P

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What is Chlorella? Chlorella is a single celled algae composed of complete protein, minerals and chlorophyll, it’s basically ‘plant blood’. For you science geeks, it’s structure is nearly identical to hemoglobin, the difference being the central molecule, where hemoglobin in human blood has a central iron atom, chlorophyll, plant ‘blood’ has a magnesium ion at it’s center. Chlorophyl helps energize the body from a cellular level, boosting immune function, brain function and overall vitality. Chlorella cream is a great way to integrate chlorella into your diet.

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Chlorella Cream
1 tablespoon chlorella
1/4-1/3 cup raw honey (vegan: use maple syrup)
2-3 tablespoons tahini

Place the ingredients into a bowl and stir until combined. If it’s too thick add more honey.

Keeps refrigerated for months. Serve at room temp or bring to temp over a bowl of warm water.

Drizzle over granola, fruit salads or as you would honey. It’s wonderful as a binder for puffed grains and nut rolled popcorn ball style into bitesized snacks. As a frosting glaze for granola bars, as a dip with apples, serve it on toast with ghee, as a drizzle for cornbread muffins, on pancakes, you name it.


Side Line by Kevin MacLeod

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18 gedachten over “What is Chlorella Anyway? | Fresh P

  1. Cody is the man. God bless you both. You are both a inspiration. Thanks for your videos,and the great information.

  2. You know I love the videos with Cody in the kitchen 🙂 So glad he is liking all the good stuff for him 🙂

  3. You really dress up a meal. I don't take that kind of time; Well done! I have on hand a 20/70 mixture of chlorella and spirulina, with chia seeds added to make a dry mixture I keep in a container; I put 1.5 tbs. in a 8 oz. shaker and drink it down. :-))…I know I need a woman's' touch. lol Be well

  4. Yay! You found some winners for Cody!!! Great job sis!!! Thank for the videos! Just ordered me some chlorella……

  5. I recall Mr. Wranglerstar committed to running with Mrs. Wranglerstar a while back I was wondering if he has used those new running shoes he bought?

  6. I'm going to make this tomorrow morning but subbing my spirulina instead b/c it's what I have. This looks delicious!

  7. I was wondering what brand of Chlorella do you use? I tried to find it in your store but didn't see it. I use to use the liquid but, it seems to parish fast. So, I stopped using it.

  8. Well done, I'm definitely going to be learning lots with this series of videos.

  9. ROFL…."very spare"….you too are absolutely awesome!!! I am loving these videos!!

  10. Oh the laughter and joy between two counterparts and family members that care for each others health and well being.  I love that all of you guys are supporting and working with each other. It makes everything so much easier and more delicious when you have a food maven watching over your every move. Coty's first time reactions are priceless, and its easy to see that he is definitely getting into the groove. How incredible the table looked with everything spread out. I wonder if Coty likes the idea that these fruits and veggies may be his new tools for the trade.

  11. This series has been SO amazing seeing the interaction between you and Cody. I've seen you together many times over the videos but this setting has really brought out the laughter. You struggling to contain yourself at Cody's reactions is priceless! Poor Cody was digging down into that bowl terrified he was going to uncover a beet hiding in the bottom. 🙂

  12. Poor Cody … he reminds me of a Guinea Pig looking down the barrel of a 12 bore …

  13. You two should do a monthly get together, I have not laughed so much and so hard in a long time.  Can see the love between you two.  🙂

  14. There is a gentle, softness to you that is so nice and relaxing to watch.

  15. So great to watch ya'll interact together. Love how ya'll can be so corny together just love it.

  16. Is date syrup a suitable replacement for honey?

  17. oh gosh, I was just randomly looking up Chlorella and Cody shows up, haha. I'm a big fan of his, definitely subscribing now…thanks for making this video!

  18. It's not a plant. It's an algea

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