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What Doctors are saying about CBD? | Cannabidiol

What Doctors are saying about CBD? | Cannabidiol

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What are Doctors saying about CBD? | Cannabidiol

You’ve heard of CBD, the cannabis product whose popularity has reached almost craze-like proportions. CBD has come from nowhere to everywhere in just the last few years. It is perhaps best known for its ability to reduce anxiety and promote happiness, but CBD’s applications are seemingly endless; it has been successfully used to help with pain, insomnia, and depression. There are some reports that it helps with other medical conditions as well.

Due to its wide range of uses, CBD-infused products are the fastest-growing segment of the health industry. Medical celebrities Dr. Oz and Dr. Sanjay Gupta advocate for CBD and non-medical celebrities such as Joe Rogan, Morgan Freeman, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

CBD use is growing by leaps and bounds, with a projected $22 billion market by 2022. But what is CBD? I’ll be answering this question and giving you the inside story of cannabidiol and its benefits in this video.

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26 gedachten over “What Doctors are saying about CBD? | Cannabidiol

  1. Can I take this without testing positive for THC.

  2. delta9thc is the good one…the rest or other delta variants are the stuff that inst wanted unless one wants to be hungry tired headaches and feeling burnt basically. what makes truely effective is that its an intoxicant. its only good for recreation or inducing hunger if thats needed for some reason…and maybe to settle a rammy dog. jus as lsd is far more practical as medication purposes than mushroom compounds in my opinion for what that may be worth.

  3. Can you make another new show on CBD now in 2021 please?

  4. Can it cure premature ejaculation?

  5. For me, CBD has no effect whatsoever. A total placebo compared to THC.

  6. Was part of a drug trial using a drug that acted on the endocannabinoid system for depression. Not sure if was on plasibo or not. Been on CBD oil spray for 2 weeks it seemed to Carmed my mind with ruminations enough to continue to lower dose of my venlavaxine even further.

  7. What are the negative side effects of CBD?

  8. More info. On cbd please ,am really interested in trying it being that I suffer from so many ailments that conventional drugs can't cure, thank you and God bless!

  9. cbd need thc ,the low 3% is actually not enough the higher is just enough, if you want a scenario then, a car with low grade oil is ok the engine works it does a job but not a very good one a car with the higher grade works better…

  10. I have really bad anxiety depression and CPTSD is there any side effects I'm scared to take it I hallucinate and black out hit the ground if I smoke marijuana

  11. I had a quick question, when Ive tired heavy thc strains in the past, I would get really bad panic attacks because as soon as I smoked it, the thc would make my heart feel like it's beating out of my chest, I was wondering if CBD would not have the same effect and cause my heart to beat really fast as I get anxiety from heart health even though I'm young and healthy

  12. Does CBD cause anemia?

  13. Weedborn is full of amazing CBD products. They have been very helpful to me.

  14. Appalachian standard is a good CBD family owned and veteran owned farm business . My favorite

  15. Does anyone know if medical insurance will pay for this? Thank you . I used a high doses 1500 mgs for 2 months and during the half of the 2nd months in the middle, it quit working. I believe I got a tolerance to the CDB.

  16. I’m looking for CBC for insomnia and anxiety so which one do u recomend

  17. So far I've tried two kinds and I have fibromyalgia and back pain and neither product really helped with pain. Should you use cbc oil if you are on several meds already. So if two haven't worked for me should I bother trying others. My pain from fibro, osteoarthritis and knee and shoulder pain I end up in a wheelchair when we go out and use a walker at home. I need something to get me moving again and out of the wheelchair. I'm at home, alone most of the day and have no friends because of always being home and I don't drive anymore. I'm 66.

  18. The ol hippies were right! lolThank you for a great report.

  19. To see the subtitle here, or to slow down or speed up this video, use a proper web browser to watch this Youtube. This video only discusses USA. Here in Australia, CBD, THC, cannabis & hemp are similarly surrounded by confusion, myths & uneven treatments by the authorities of most kinds.Over 1,000 comments in two years, for this one video here. Extra & new information are in these comments. Other internet resources also exist. Latest CBD user comments might be on Reddit. “CBD” has 255 special areas, of which 6 are labelled NSFW. “THC” has 252 special areas, of which 19 are labelled NSFW. Entries also exist on Wikipedia as well: “Cannabidiol”, “Cannabis sativa”, “hemp”, “Cannabis (drug)”, etc.This video is the viewpoint of a medical practitioner, who may be biochemistry (CBD) based. There are also non-chemical treatments for these medical conditions, including mood disorders, pain & cancer.

  20. Can CBD oil be mixed with DSMO to ne used in jawbonecavitations. (A wisdom tooth (right lowr jaw) was extracted and stitched immediately but without disinfecting the wound. The tooth had a cavity for 2 years and was causing health problems (red left eye, eyesight issues. pain around my atlas vertebrates, arthritis pains in the right hip, numbness in the toes of both legs ) I 100% know it comes from the infection because I was healthy before that. The other suspect is the socket extracted rootcanal tooth in the right upper jaw that was not properly desinfected not cleaned out and stiched. immediate problems aroused sinus issues, pain n the right shoulders, collar bone ice pic pains in the legs, exhaustion etc

  21. Does it really work with cancer?

  22. How do we find info that names the more pure CBD brands?How do we find a trustworthy source for specifying the appropriate dose to give a dog to minimize his anxiety?Thank you!

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