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Watch Chia Seed Expanding in Time Lapse

Watch Chia Seed Expanding in Time Lapse

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One of the remarkable properties of chia is its hydrophilic (water loving) and can absorb up to 10 times it weight. Used for weight loss by making you feel full.

Salvia Hispanica, known as Chia, is a species of flowering plant in the mint family and is native to southern Mexico and Guatemala.

Chia is commercial grown for its seed and is rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients our body requires.
In this video, I used 35 gram or 5 teaspoons chia seeds and it contains approximately the following nutrients.
Protein 6.41g
Polyunsaturated fat 10.15g (good Fats)
Best plant source of omega-3’s known
Contain over 60% essential fatty acids
Carbohydrate 0.56g
Sugars 0.56g
Dietary fibre 9.55g
Thiamine 0.57mg
Riboflavin 0.06mg
Niacin 2.85mg
Vitamin C 0.35mg
Vitamin E 0.80mg
Folate 30.45μg
Sodium 10.50mg
Potassium 284.55mg
Magnesium 137.20mg
Calcium 89.25mg
Phosphorus 224.70mg
Iron 2.01mg
Zinc 1.52mg
Iodine 1.75μg

Our ability to taste is not only a survival trait, but also a beautiful gift of nature.

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  1. These lil bitches got attitude

  2. Welcome back to why is this in my recommendations 5years later starring YouTube

  3. I actually dont like them bc of the texture they make

  4. Why am I watching this at 3 am…

  5. I got anxiety just watching you stir. You live life on the edge on danger .

  6. Chia seeds inside liver antibiotic

  7. what do we so drink it ,,, or stare at it ,,,lol

  8. Because I have nothing else better to do in my life..

  9. Why do some sink and some stay afloat?

  10. I dont even know what the fuck Chia seed is!

  11. I like them, especially for Aztec pudding, but I have to say they remind me of frog's eggs. Black centers with a mucilaginous superstructure.

  12. Pretty good stirring technique, but it was not flawless. Actually, there was a spill at 01:08, if you watch carefully.

  13. Nag expand ng husto.. kaya pala busog na busog ka pag kakain k nyan

  14. i eat thows and im etin thevstrowder lemundae

  15. Short video but satifying and interesting.I use chia seeds for a month now .Thanks.

  16. After all of that then what, do I drink it

  17. It causes inflammation according to Dr. Gundry and another doctor.

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