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Vitamin K and blood clotting

Vitamin K and blood clotting

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27 gedachten over “Vitamin K and blood clotting

  1. if only jesus ate some leafy greens to heal his wounds

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  3. High INR and still developed a blood clot with lung cancer. How do they treat this when the blood is already thin but still developed a clot?? Asking for a friend who needs advice.

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  5. Thank you for this lovely videos it is useful in my online class thank you very much

  6. I can’t understand the accent

  7. Plzz tell that can this will useful to make the blood liquid and avoid from blood block plzz reply

  8. This really helps in health class.

  9. Something is wrong with the audio.Can you please recod and upload this video? This time you may wish to add some subtitles in English?

  10. Could perfectly understand this video. Thank you that was great!

  11. What about the formation of fibrinogen ,fibrin in the blood clotting …

  12. Hi Sir, Can you say what is the normal percentage of prothrombin level in infant/adult?

  13. i think u missed sth when u said that bleeding time will be affected in Vit. K def. Keep in ur mind that in Vit. K def the clotting cascade will be affected which means that the problem is in the secondary haemostasis while bleeding time is an indicator for the secondary hemostasis NOT the primary oneIn order to check the secondary hemostasis u check PT – PTT – TT THX for sharing

  14. My baby's poop have a blood, she's only 1 month old. She was confined at the hospital and she was given vitamin K and cefotaxime, after 2 days staying in the hospital her poop has no blood already, and at the 4th day we are discharge. And we still continue the vit. K and cefotaxime to complete it 7 days, home after 2 days her poop's blood back. What can you say about it?

  15. It is a nice video but you need to study way more. You at 4% information

  16. 2:27 has such a disturbing pictureeeeee

  17. Could you help me with a problem pls: I've ordered Vit K2 from the internet. I'm unsure, if there's anything in these tablets despite bulking agents. How can I find out the amount of vitamin K2 in the product, without going to a blood analysis? (because it's expensive and also because I've been taking other K2 supplements until now and this might lead to a false result! And I really want to know the content of the tablets, not what's in my body)

  18. Blood clotting deficiency occure in newborn how long?

  19. Excellent explanation and presentation provided..

  20. A vital anticoagulant nutrient – no known benefits of synthetic form (or supplements) in market…

  21. the picture of the hand injured was very disturbing. thank you for the other information.

  22. I just had a stroke is takinvitamin K bad if I just had a stroke?

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