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Vitamin D and immunity

Vitamin D and immunity

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Vit D


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28 gedachten over “Vitamin D and immunity

  1. Thanks for this information. It's good to know it. It's helping people because they know what important is to take Vit D.Do you have any video about taking Vit K2 mk7 together with Vit D to avoid the calcium going to the arteries?

  2. I just got blood test 2wks ago. I got zero vitamin D. I never go out in the not dark skin.just said all my ailment&co19 issues is from that.i am prescribed heavy duty Vitamin D pills for next 6 months.i agree with u.

  3. This video is going to get banned by YouTube for claiming vitamin D works.

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  6. I can tell from this video that you are not used to supplements being of any use, well neither am I. I have been taking vit D for the last few months as I watched a doctor from the USA (who worked in an ICU caring for Covid patients) who advised taking this Vitamin to increase immunity. I then researched this further as I find it hard to believe anything that comes from America. So don't worry there are lots more people advising this Vitamin.

  7. Love your videos and wish you were my GP. Living in Australia it is bit far for me to go to see you. You are helping lots of people, you explain these medical topics in a way that we can understand so thanks for all your work.

  8. Thank you sir for the information we would have liked to hear from our governmental leadership

  9. Yes, he is very good. (He has the same accent as an old friend of mine from Halifax, England). Also he gives links to the papers he quotes. I'm not a medical man but I understand and can appraise the statistics.All in all, Dr Campbell gives a sober yet very interesting account in each episode. I look forward to viewing his veins and arteries episode/s.

  10. I caught Covid in march 2021 in the hospital and they did treat me with 50,000 IU Vitamin D weekly, so it seems to be a accepted treatment

  11. Dr. Campbell’s clips are excellent. Great data. Very valuable and insightful information. Well done.

  12. If you take a high dose D3 tablet then get one with vitamin K2 added. (It stops your bones losing too much calcium)

  13. A year on….and we still aren't getting this from governments. It's all about 'just get your jab'. Don't fix your diet, reduce your stress, reduce your high bloody pressure, increase your exercise. Just get a jab and we'll be out of this. Just nuts. Absolutely nuts. Especially when you consider there's plenty of vaccine 'break through' which i'm guessing is because immune systems are pretty crap even with the pre-briefing from vaccines.

  14. Hard to believe that YouTube lets this fellow to tell the truth and relate facts.

  15. after watching this and the zinc one my question is why the hell is the WHO and other medical groups not telling people to take Vit D and Zinc?!

  16. This actually is already ancient knowledge in alternative medicine. They knew that being a lot in the sun is good against such contractions.

  17. 12:59 That “NICE” had me laughing. I don't know why lol…

  18. Yes !!! 100 percent thank you for speaking on this !! Have you seen the American nurse that became a whistleblower and she is now sharing stories on what she saw first hand

  19. Anyone looking at this a year on and amazed at how accurate the good doctor called it?

  20. I have been running around the internet like a mad man the last 18 months, I have released that this is a one stop shop, spot on every fucking time

  21. Excellent. Thank you.

  22. 400 IU seems too low, that's minimum by the gov again, NICE or whoever. Give the ideal blood levels. At that dose it would probably take a year to build up to the ideal blood levels. That's the problem. You can speed it up by taking more. I'd use function doctor's references instead.

  23. Hello Dr Campbell I wish you Could uk government health Adviser… Your the best

  24. when i got covid my doctor prescribed just vitamin d for me, makes sense now.

  25. Does D help treating also when the Covid infection has just broken out? What else can I give he,91 with unresolved childhood trauma, Highly sensitive, not used to Antibiotics. Having other disease and sedentary lifestyle, but general good health and good habits apart from that. Although I know a bit, she resists my help because I am too worried and too eager, too caring and get anxious, which increases her resistence. If You said, she'd Cod liver oil good? And Garlic? Probiotics for her intestines, to prevent destruction by the antibiotics?I should be so very grateful for an answer. Bless you, Dr!

  26. Is 10,000 IU too much to take I heard you could take up to 40,000 IU

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