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Vitamin B12: Why you should take it

Vitamin B12: Why you should take it

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Are you feeling tired, weak, or experiencing tingling in your fingers and toes? You may be one of the millions of people who are deficient in vitamin B12. In this video, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this crucial nutrient.

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in many bodily functions, including red blood cell production, DNA synthesis, and nerve function. It’s found naturally in animal products like meat, fish, and dairy, and is also available as a supplement.

Unfortunately, many people don’t get enough vitamin B12 from their diet and may be at risk of deficiency. This is particularly true for vegetarians and vegans, as well as older adults and those with certain medical conditions.

In this video, we’ll cover the signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, how to get tested for deficiency, and the different forms of vitamin B12 supplements. We’ll also discuss the importance of proper absorption and dosage and provide tips for incorporating more vitamin B12-rich foods into your diet.

If you’re concerned about your vitamin B12 levels or simply want to learn more about this essential nutrient, be sure to watch this video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more informative videos about health and wellness!


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25 gedachten over “Vitamin B12: Why you should take it

  1. Need to up the marmite intake.

  2. I feel that it has worked when I swallow the b12, I can't stand chewing it. Should I go back to tincture?

  3. Nurse – “Dr. Zalzal, I see your order for vitamin B12. Unfortunately we are out of it.”Dr. Zalzal – “That's okay. Just give the patient 2 vitamin B 6.”Dr. Weening – “Wait, don't give the patient 2 vitamin B 6. Give the patient 3 vitamin B 4 instead.”

  4. Wow, imagine all the people in the world who never watch programs like these and live to a hundred. I wonder how they do it without your help.

  5. I started to lose my balance, felt tired had jabbng pains in my arms and legs, fingers and toes and felt tired. This was after looking after a termanilly ill family member fo a couple of years. I ate a reasonable amount of red meat. The Dr. took some blood and determined that i needed a B12 jab in the bum and some iron tablets. After those the symptoms vanished. Now he keeps an eye on the b12 and every so often i need another jab. I do wonder if i need the follow ups because the nurse told me i had a cute arse. I think now I am getting jabbed just so she can have a perv?

  6. I actually love the smell of the tablets. It reminds me of yeast bread.. Now that I know I should chew it, I'm curious as to how it really tastes. I feel noticeably better and wouldn't go without it!

  7. So much good info. And entertainment, I'm convinced watching you two lowers my bp and has lots of other stellar effects on my body and mind. One cause of B12 deficiency not mentioned here is Metformin / Glucophage use. Dr Berry is persuasive here: we are on the topic of meds that can cause deficiencies, here is Dr Berry again: day I watched this I wemt straight on to Amazon, ordering high strength Co Q10. (I was already taking B12, but alas not under my tongue).

  8. Beer is a good supply of Vit. B, isn't it?

  9. You should have mentioned that B12 facilitates proper nerve function. Inadequate levels can induce neuropathic symptoms.

  10. “You are in charge of your own health”. Those words are SO important for everyone. You saying that constantly in your videos opened my eyes.Nobody will care if you don't care and taking your advice, I exercise a lot more, mainly walking 15k steps a day, cut out junk and overeating and have lost a stone in 5 weeks. Feel much better and I thank you guys for your advice and care. Thank you!

  11. Guess I’ll be adding B12 to my supplement intake now since I am well beyond the 50 yr mark

  12. I do wish they would stop selling those useless ear cleaners on YouTube its a scam they do not work along with a lot of other YouTube scam products.

  13. Can you talk about water soluable like B12 which taking more than your body can absorb and is flush out of your system as opposed to taking fat soluable vitamins like E wihich the excess is stored in your fat. So with a vitamin like B12 taking more than the recommended is just flushed out of the system in your pee, ..and a waste of money.

  14. i’m low in b vitamins so i get a b12 shot every month another great video

  15. Not everybody can convert cyan B12 up to methyl B12 to be used properly in the body due to genetic variants with methylation. Some people do better with hydroxy B12 which is absorbed under the tongue.

  16. Awesome video. My b12 are low due to taking metformin for pcos, is super b complex ok or would sublingual b12 work?

  17. So, I am a bit confused. I have a recently purchased bottle of B12, 1000 mcg. The bottle recommends one per day, swallowed whole. Is this a waste of time and money? You said sublingual and these capsules are hard as a rock. What should I do?

  18. I am looking to buy a B12 supplement. I see 1000 mcg – is that the same as 100 micrograms. I have googled the fool out of this question and not finding a clear answer. Can you help? Love you videos btw.

  19. Are lypo-spheric B12 a good source??

  20. You do more then dabble! You are definitely great docs but you make us non. Medical people UNDERSTAND what all this stuff means!!! Much better then Google. ❤

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