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Top 5 Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Hair

Top 5 Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Hair

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Get great hair the natural way with these 5 tips from the wisdom of Ayurveda! From traditional herbs and oils to food recommendations, this video will show you exactly how to get that lustrous mane you’ve always wanted!

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27 gedachten over “Top 5 Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Hair

  1. Thanks, it is helpful, 🙂

  2. Eternally Beautiful Saadia!  

  3. An excellent video, but watch the dairy from cows; Ayurveda uses a lot of dairy especially for Vata but the dairy products are not the same as they were 5,000 years ago and are now thought to be contributors to cancer along with sugar. I have switched to goat products. Goat dairy is lighter, less fat, and are more alkaline unlike cow dairy which produces acid in the body.

  4. Thanks that really helps

  5. where did you get that hair oil?

  6. Very helpful. Thank you.

  7. not available  in the UK

  8. How are these oils made? Are they infused over a few weeks or simmered in the oil?

  9. how often time we should apply oil plz tell me now

  10. hi do u deliver to Oman

  11. I've been oiling and masking my hair for a year (as of July 10 2016) and already my hair looked and felt healthier and it also grew longer. I've also been eating healthy, taking vitamins, hydrating, and exercising too. Most people (even as they age and/or go into menopause) lose their hair or get thinner and act like there's nothing they can do about it or they don't do any treatments until they start to notice loss, thinning, damage and premature graying. I never have a week off from oil treatments and masks. I love doing it so much that I'd like to continue doing those natural treatments later in life without using Rogaine or a hair transplant.

  12. please let me know d prise of amlaki pack prise.nd from where I cn purchase….

  13. Amalaki means Indiangoesbarry na

  14. I can't use oil whenever i use oil i have too much hair fall in the other hand i have very rough, frizzy, weak hair. Please tell me what should i do, what i can use instead of oil

  15. No matter how much men like me take care of hair there are hormones like DHT which aren't harmful to the body but are powerful form of testosterone which help in male sexual development but they result in male pattern baldness. Can something in Ayurveda help reduce the effects of this DHT? Please help.

  16. You should leaved oiled hair overnight not 30 minutes

  17. Basically you guys are selling your products.

  18. Pls reply why I lose hair when I oil it…how long I should keep oil on my hair

  19. Can you do a segment for Vatas thin hair? It’s easy to use oil on thick hair but what about fine hair? Thank you

  20. Very helpful. Much love.xx

  21. Hi, it is suggested here that shampoo should be applied before wetting the hair. But why is it so? Please reply. Thank you!

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