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The Truth About The Ordinary | Part 2

The Truth About The Ordinary | Part 2

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0.5% Retinol in Squalane*:

Buffet Serum*:


The Truth About The Ordinary:

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The Ordinary vs The Inkey List: Which Is better?

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27 gedachten over “The Truth About The Ordinary | Part 2

  1. Tula is a great product they have a cleansing product that is great best product ever used But the rest of the stuff I use ordinary

  2. Love hearing Im using the products correctly! The lactic acid is my fave. I have dry sensitive skin and it’s so gentle.

  3. So retinol should only be used at night right ??

  4. I love the Buffet! I use it at night after washing with the CeraVe facial cleanser and before the CeraVe nighttime moisturizer. I don't use it twice a day because my skin is extremely sensitive and I only use the serum 3 times a week. I have seen results but I've been using it now for an extended period of time. Also: I'm 32, have been using moisturizer and sunscreen daily since I was 12, and I have eczema. This is my skin care routine that works for me. It's simple, but my face will freak out if I deviate from it.

  5. La Roche Posay Tolériane you know you can't go wrong period.

  6. I gotta say, most people expect gen z to be attracted to what's easy to understand (probably because people think phone bad book good, and so they're less smart because of technology?) but imo, gen z are some of the most critical people towards ads and what a product claims to do. So many bullshit products have been shoved in their faces, with buzzwords and bright coloured marketing. Honestly it makes sense that Gen Z are the ones who love ordinary, and choose to learn what the ingredients all do!

  7. ياريت يكون في ترجمه باللغه العربيه

  8. Can you use the Retinol serum under your eyes?

  9. So I’ve been using the niacinamide powder in conjunction with the niacinamide serum and a toner that has niacinamide …. for like ?6 months now? Or longer. Idk I love it. My skin is better than ever before and it works for me. Also I used to use pure rosehip oil from ordinary as my moisturizer but I prefer the one from Acure. I ran out and at the moment im using Camelina oil because it’s non comedogenic and will not cause fungal acne and a very moisturizing oil. Been using that for a month and it hasn’t given me any issues and fixed my fine lines on my forehead cause of how hydrating it is 🙂 hope this helps someone!

  10. Has anyone used caffeine serum? I have dark under eyes n hollow eyes. Reviews

  11. In my country theres this salmon dna marine collagen elixir. My mom want to start using anti aging serum, should she use Buffet or this Salmon DNA marine collagen elixir?

  12. I like the niacinamide powder because I can put it into my hyaluronic acid bottle and put only one layer of serum on my skin 🙂

  13. Can anyone advise me please . I want to start a skincare routine. Im 33 years old I have a normal to dry skin (dry T zone) and some large pores on the cheeks. No acne for now. Which product can I use??

  14. It's buf-FAY. Please don't let other youtubers influence you.

  15. I just ordered the retinol serum, I'm so exitedthanks hyram!

  16. from the french classes i’ve taken as well as some quick research, buffet should be pronounced with a silent t

  17. You definitely need your own line!

  18. lol I wonder what shifted his opinoin over to the negative side… I am sure it has nothing to do with his partnership with Inky List their biggest competitor

  19. Mixing? Can I use niacinamide n pycnogenol?Could you do a video on what products to use first second third if you use a couple of their products.

  20. hylauronic acid is baaaaaaad look at what the high priestess of skincare Dr Shereene Idriss has to say on it. No disrespect Hyram, I think most dermatologists are just realising it's not good

  21. 13:14 did you say “contrary to popular relief” XD XD nbd but ngl that made me giggle a bit

  22. the squalane cleanser is supposed to be used as a first cleanse you use it on DRY skin and it melts into an oil and then you add water to emulsify it and rinse it off then you follow up with a second different cleanser

  23. I'm getting to know you and your Channel and i like it more and more…The Ordinary products I use and love as a support for more “classical” skincare tools (to me they're the best of the brand) are: AHA BHA exfolliant, powdered ascorbic acid, 5% retinoids in squalane, niacinamide and zinc serum, the buffet serum, the caffeine solution… I Just miss the ferulic acid and the I'm done…What do you guys use the most?

  24. What about the ordinary multi peptide hair serum? Is it beneficial for hair?

  25. I just ordered the Badger Balm sunscreen spf30 and now I’m looking for an anti-oxidant serum. Dr. Youn recommended Vitamin C and Retinol serums. Would you recommend the Vitamin C serum from the Ordinary? Or is the Coffee one better?

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