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Hey Science Babes! You have been highly requesting this video…. all about oral collagen supplementation. It is pretty simple actually! Lot’s of videos coming for you to keep you entertained and educated in the winter months. Please leave all video requests in the comments below or DM me on Instagram!

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27 gedachten over “THE TRUTH ABOUT COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENTS… A Biochemist’s Perspective

  1. I take collegan for my fybromyalgia pain and also for pain I’m 56 now and I think it’s really helping me .I will carry on taking it ….

  2. In terms of the amount of collagen and its quality, do you think that drinking organic bone broth or chicken broth would be a better way to get collagen than to take a supplement?

  3. Hey do you know how collagen peptides of a few amino acid length are actually processed by the body? Are they just not hydrolyzed in the stomach and then it is faster for cells to synthesize new collagen proteins using these peptides that are already chained together, then increasing collagen production over basal? I was hoping to get this answer from the video as it's still not clear to me how this is different than just eating more protein in your diet, in the most skeptic sense, and I'm not keen on blowing money on collagen supplements (looking for joint health mostly, recovering from an LCL injury). Thank you!

  4. I ejaculate collagenIts very absorbable

  5. At end of the day where all going to get old no matter if we get botox fillers laser treat ments supplements its pointless

  6. You are so so stunningggg

  7. Collagen doesn’t mostly come from the bones of cows it comes from the skin & connective tissues

  8. will this make my penis grow larger? 🙂

  9. The best way to get Collagen is a bone broth that's why most grandparents and parents live that long life. They boiled 80% of the animal food and made some type of soup from them.

  10. do you mention bone broth as a food source?

  11. wow,, so informative,,,, new subbed here,, pls see yah in my home too thanks

  12. If u eat aot of meat/ eggs u STILL need the collagen to balance the metabolites of amino acids generated by them!

  13. Hi, how come hydrolized collagen peptides make me nauseous

  14. Human: Hey cow, I want some of your collagen.Cow: Eat me!

  15. Just learned that you need to be taking vitamin C for it to be utilized properly by the body and that some clinical studies show that 5 g a day is recommended dosage. I am by no means an expert I am just repeating what I have learned about collagen protein powder.

  16. I have been doing many researchers on collagen and many studies has proven that animal collagen ( wastage from animals) didn't show any results in improving skin but also can be harmful to your health cos animals pumped these days with antibiotics and hormones. What showed results were Aloe Vera ( taking internally) that naturally boost your collagen production and high dose of natural vitamin C and antioxidants ( blueberries, pomegranate, acerola cherry, rosehip, hibiscus). So plant based collagen must be more useful and healthier for our body.

  17. is this equally as applicable for males at it is for females ?

  18. Collagen w vitamin C has improved my sunken eye bags!!!I’ve been taking the cheap Walmart version for 2 months and I notice not only that but my problematic, uneven skin is evening out and I’m less pimple prone.Fairly speaking, I started biotin also a month ago and have noticed a marked difference since.Side Effects: Taking the 3 tablets daily was too much for my system. Gave me headaches, so I dropped down to 1.Try it NEOOOOW lol

  19. Thank u so much girlfriend I’ve been wanting to learn more about collagen

  20. Why is your face so shiny?

  21. Realistically, no one is going to “consult their physician” about this—they’ll just give it a try.

  22. I am 68 and a cople of years ago I broke my shoulder in 4 places. I decided to allow the shoulder to heal on its own and was advised to try collagen and Curcumin as a way to help the bone healing. My shoulder healed very well but also my hair ( which is seriously thinning) started to grow more and stand up on the top of my head and my nails grew faster. I don't really have wrinkles but my skin is showing signs of lowering collagen , so I am going to use the collagen supplement again. I really think it works for me and the Curcumin helps my knees a lot.

  23. Can it fix face volume ? My cheek volume and stuff ?

  24. Dam I came here to learn about collagen but i can’t help to admire how beautiful you are ❤️

  25. I have tried PROBASE SPORTS NUTRITION COLLAGEN PEPTIDES POWDER for the first time two months ago and I have to say it beats most other collagen peptides powders I have tried. It is 100% Grass-Fed, UL third-party certified, has no taste, smell or sweeteners in it, and is 100% Collagen Peptides. I used to get some minor stomach pains with other brands, not with this one. If you are looking for a clean and extremely soluble collagen peptides powder, then I am highly recommending Probase Sports Nutrition Collagen. I bought mine on their website at PROBASENUTRITION DOT NET, although I believe you can also buy it online at WALMART AND EBAY. It dissolves easily too.

  26. Can you please review the La Mer face products? Thanks

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