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The most FRUSTRATING things about Royal Caribbean cruises!

The most FRUSTRATING things about Royal Caribbean cruises!

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No one is perfect, including Royal Caribbean, and I’ve got a list of the top things that still bother me about their cruises!

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28 gedachten over “The most FRUSTRATING things about Royal Caribbean cruises!

  1. Way… WAY back… you know, before the plague. Back when we were writing on stone tablets, waiting for Avengers: Endgame, and sailing out of Galveston (2019, or so)… I encountered an immensely frustrating issue, trying to use a Royal Caribbean gift card. First, they're no good an anything other than a brand new booking, which means, I couldn't use the balance of my gift card to purchase our dining package. Also, it took over a month, with substantial web research and several phone calls to RC to get the gift card applied. Maybe this goes to the IT issue he spoke of, but jeesh! Terrible with their own gift cards they are.

  2. Reasons to always check the drink package price!

  3. The one thing that tends to annoy me is the checking in/boarding process. Things just seem more disorganized than they should be at times. This is more apparent at the older terminals like Baltimore when compared to newer ones like in Miami.

  4. My frustration is when RCI gave us an option for balcony cabins that had dine, drink and?. We had a balcony on the Harmony of the seas last year and opted to keep the dine, drink and ? Then it was canceled and RCI allowed us to keep the option when we changed our reservation to November last year. Only to have to change the reservation to August to Oasis of the seas, no option, just get $50.00 and it wasn’t my fault for the changes.

  5. Why are there no self service laundry rooms on Royal Caribbean?? If I want my shirt ironed I have to $15. That's ridiculous.

  6. due to corona our family had to rebook our cruise , we had 2 drink packagaes and we cant move them to new cruise or get the money back so that was about 800$ just thrown away.

  7. Great Video 🙂 One of those things you talked about has both totally shocked me as well as angered me, and at the same time I totally understand royal Caribbean doing it. Thats the chartering the ship out and cancelling other passengers that have already booked on that cruise. Yep I understand the cruiselines reasoning, if they can get an entire ship booked with people in one single booking then they'd be totally estatic. So I get that. But does it make it morally right??? To that I say a big NO!! If people have already booked there cruise and left there deposits, back when I was growing up, leaving a deposit meant that thing was held for you and no one could then buy it out from under you. It was yours, that was the idea of leaving a deposit. The fact that royal Caribbean would even consider,let alone go ahead with cancelling peoples booking because hey they got a better deal. To me that's actually pathetic and disgusting and shows that money def talks over caring about others. Thats really disillusioned me and disappointed me in the entire cruising scene. I was honestly thinking the cruise lines cared about us, now I know they're like any other big corporation and don't really give a damn about us when it comes to us and there bank balances 🙁 This video has made me really sad 🙁

  8. Contact your Travel Agent, then you avoid all of the frustrations.

  9. I find Costco Travel is the best to check prices on. Easiest to get total numbers and shows room type codes.

  10. I absolutely agree about the mock cruises and finding the price. They should have a comparison shop section of their website.

  11. As for the elevators, if you hit the button multiple times, the machine knows you want it more. If you hit it FASTER, then the elevator moves faster to get to you.JK, I laugh at this wherever I go.

  12. Love the information that you pass on to us. Thank you!!! I do have a question that I hope you can help answer. We are scheduled to cruise on Anthem of the Seas in late September. If we are required to have a negative 3 days prior to returning to the United States will tests be offered on the ship?

  13. THE LAST THING I WANT IS A dress code. That is the ultimate if CONTROL while I am on vacation.

  14. Hey dum dum, IT security savy people do not save all their personal information on “every other website out there”. It's really a bad idea so that if your computer or the company is hacked they don't steal your identity. They more than likely do this to frustrate hackers via a data breach so kudo's to them and really it's just laziness to not have to type in extra info.

  15. 10:42 “just like you do on any other site out there.”I don't, except on sites that don't allow you to not save your payment details like Amazon. Most of them can't be trusted to be in possession of that information for longer than the time it takes to complete the transaction.

  16. 10:15 Suites and maint crew also override the elevators sometimes too (express mode). Also if an elevator is headed in one direction but you actually want to go the other direction, all the floor requests will clear once the elevator changes direction.

  17. No laundry rooms. No consistency between days during a week cruise ( one staff person says one thing, next day told sonething totally different) and no consistency between ships. Staff on Carnival is nicer, friendlier. In the dining room, depending on who your wait staff is, asking for anything other than what's on the menu is a problem. Sometimes you are accommodated and sometimes you are not, asking for the same thing. Bingo is very expensive and prizes sucked. My first cruise was on Carnival won a shore excusion for 2 worth $160. I have one 2 bottles of wine, $100, $385, and a cruise on Carnival. I went on 6 Royal Caribbean cruises in a row (charters) and won nothing, not even closeto winning. The casinos on Carnival are better. I have cruised 20 times. I am now looking at cruises in Europe, so I may have to cuise RC or another cruise line due to the destination I want to visit.

  18. I think part of the problem of inconsistent rule Enforcement is caused by implicit bias

  19. My biggest frustration with RCI (and the reason I won't cruise them again) is that their F&B staff tried to scam me — they offered a high-end wine from Belle Glos at just over retail on the wine menu, I ordered it, and they brought the cheapest wine Belle Glos made (at the time; in the interim, that wine has been sold to another company), with a similar name and label, despite the fact that the cheaper wine was NOT on the menu (and came in a 12-pack, while the expensive one was a 6-pack, so it was either a chain of massive screwups, or deliberate). When I refused it (before they opened the screwcap — as opposed to the wax and cork on the more expensive wine), and asked for the wine I ordered, I was told I was wrong and this is the wine I'd ordered. When I pointed out to the waiter that the bottle he had in his hand lacked the vineyard designation of the more expensive wine, he shrugged and took it away. When I tried to order another wine from La Crema, it was mysteriously “not in stock” (again, it was on the menu — my guess is they would've tried to offer me La Crema Sonoma, when I ordered La Crema RRV). When I complained to the maitre'd, he shrugged and said there's nothing he could do. When I complained to Customer Service, the same “we're really sorry, but there's nothing we can fix.” Hell, just “we're sorry, here's a drink on us, we'll work on fixing our procedures” from any of the three attempts to get them to address the problem would have been fine.RCI lost me, my wife, and later my daughter for life (it's been 11 years, at almost a cruise a year since then… so tens of thousands of dollars spent!), and I tell this story whenever someone asks me about cruises so it's likely lost them OTHER people's business too. All over an attempt to make an extra $30 dishonestly. Whoops.

  20. Sounds like half their issues could be solved digitally. Maybe they’ll hire some better IT guys.

  21. Good points to know, thank you. I'm new to RC and have booked two upcoming cruises. Frustrated that full details of these cruises are not accessible via my account. Only appears to contain basic info, nothing on the itinery details at all. Let me know please if that is just user error though!

  22. Most of these are all “IT / Web Site issues” , website, app, pricing on the website are all the same thing

  23. I agree with some of the frustrations, especially the ones involving inconsistent cruise products. For example, when the drink packages were introduced over a decade ago, one cruise line–RCCL?–apparently decided not to budget for training and communicating the product to the bar and restaurant servers. For example, if you're a participant in the Classic package and you're eligible for a 9 buck glass of wine or a 7 buck bottle of beer, one bar server will say you're not eligible for x drink while another says the opposite. The inconsistency happens in the MDR: I was on Oasis nearly 6 years ago when I asked for a bottle of Pellagrini sparkling water. One server says I'm not eligible for it and another, higher-ranking server disagrees. Get it right, RCCL! I agree w/you about the elevators. I don't know who programs those machines, but if the HAL 9000 is still alive and doing it, I don't want to be aboard that ship. lol A third frustration is the one involving why so many websites don't want or are incapable of remembering the details of the info entering for booking your cruise–if you're doing a booking directly w/the cruise line via the website or a booking engine such as Travelocity. Perhaps the reason is privacy w/resepct to cookies or avoidance of ID theft. I hear you. I've been the victim of many ID thefts. There's one frustration that was not listed: how RCCL could design and build a half-billion-dollar terminal at PortMiami and not have baggage claim carousel equipment installed. Instead, they use the same old system of baggage tags and grouping of luggage into designated color areas. Hey, RCCL: get with the program: if you're going to spend $ to build an advanced cruise terminal to serve your biggest ships, how about ensuring that you budget for luggage claim carousels, too? You did that for other smaller class ships such as now-scrapped Majesty, but you can't seem to budget for your bigger ships? How fouled-up is that thinking? You do a good job of baggage claim in Barcelona, but in Rome, you have that big old tent for finding your luggage.

  24. My frustration as a diamond plus member is the wavering Crown and Anchor benefits. They have you book onboard and offer OBC Then they tell you that they can’t combine the crown and anchor balcony discount with that offer. What a way to make a loyal to Royal past passenger feel special,

  25. When they sail in Australia they should change to Aus dollars not US dollars

  26. Booking a meal time. Can't just check for the whole cruise. Had to do each day ONE at a time! Go back out, then start over for the next day. They may have fixed this since this happened about 5 years ago on RCCI.

  27. The IT issues are a good enough reason not to use this cruise line. #4 and #7 would immediately stop me, and I would go back to the Princess site.

  28. I've gad a charter happen on my cruise. My thoughts were centred around how much and who had enough to chater a whole ship. Lol!!

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