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The moral of the story is…

The moral of the story is…

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ok so heres what happened and Im letting you know so if you come across it ever again you will have first hand knowledge.

day 1 and 2, roof of mouth was sore or rather tender and numbish like I had drank something hot

day 3 a sore started to appear, roof of mouth very sensetive and sore

day 4 and 5 wound got bigger and pussier …living on scrambled eggs bread and cold drinks..

day 6 can eat toast drink tea longer painful…feel so much better, going out for coffee

treatment: from the first signs of soreness sprayed with hydrogen peroxide 3 1/2 % food grade, gargled 2 times a day with salt water, drake 600 mls of colloidal silver at 14% ppm

now if i had gone to doctor 2 days ago when really bad he would have put me on antibiotics and I would have attributed my wellness to this medication when in actual fact I would have gotten better on my own without intrusion of unnecessary medications that would invade my body and possibly cause more harm than good in the long run.

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8 gedachten over “The moral of the story is…

  1. You have to be careful with that silver drinks. Under bright daylight the silver ions will accumulate in the skin and make it look greyish. Like an old black-and-white picture.

  2. Hi Vicky,
    Glad you feeling better.
    I use hyrogen peroxide every day. I also drink Pola with Akaline. I also use hyrogen peroxide to clean my tooth brush and counter tops and cutting board.. It's good stuff cheap..

    Magzie in the

  3. LOl I use it to clean my teeth …see pearly whites… 🙂 glad to hear from you and good to see you're doing well…well I assume you're doing well 🙂

  4. I know Johanne I think im turning blue 🙁

  5. This was not meant offensive or as a joke, one simply can't beat the (periodic) system.

  6. If I had your straight E-mail address, I could sent you information . I don't know how to sent important information to you.. Especially Hydrogen P..
    I wish I had an e-mail address for you..

    It's ok.. Akaline is another thing that we all have to think about….

    Maggie in Newburyport, MA USA

  7. food grade 35 hydrogen peroxide 2 drops in 8 ounces is better from what I hear the 3% has heavy metals and not good for you.

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