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Supplements & Saturday Morning Makeup | Trinny

Supplements & Saturday Morning Makeup | Trinny

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Trinny is in her bathroom and takes you through her FULL LIST of supplements, products she’s trying now and her easy Saturday makeup routine..

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Products mentioned in this video:
Victoria Health Daily Immunity (£26)
Pukka Elderberry Syrup (£12.46)

Natures Way Alive Once Daily Multivitamin (£28)

Victoria Health Magnolia Rhodiola Complex (£28)

Victoria Health Superior Joints (£30)

Ionicell for Women (£20)

A.Vogel Milk Thistle Capsules (£10.99)

Neuro-Mag Life Extension (£33)

Life Extension Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes (£23.25)

Life Extension Florassist Mood (£26)

Solgar Biotin (£22.77)

Food Science of Vermont Superior Hair (£26.50)

January Labs Power Peel Exfoliant ($75)

Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Age (£327)

Plant Me Botanics Rose Otto Mask (£48)

BFF Cream SPF 30 in Light-Medium (£35)
Just A Touch in Trintron (£28)
BFF Eye in Reda (£26)
Miracle Blur (£26)
Cheekbones in Kate (£25)
Lip2Cheek in VeeBee (£25)
Lip2Cheek in Chloe (£25)
Lip Love in Sacha (£24)
Lip2Cheek in Chloe (£25)
Eye2Eye in Wisdom (£18)
Eye2Eye in Fortune (£18)

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17 gedachten over “Supplements & Saturday Morning Makeup | Trinny

  1. You’re just darling. Glad I stumbled across you.

  2. Hi, Trinny, can I just check about the amount of biotin you take, I’ve just actually bought the solgar 5000 mcg, but it says the dose is one a day? So did I hear you right you actually take 4 a day? Thank you xx

  3. What do you (if you do) use as cheek fillers and for your lips?

  4. Hi lovely lady, can you please do a taxi makeup :- showing how to touch up makeup, I work as a nurse and always find by lunch, whichever makeup I use I need a touch up. Can you do a refresh touch up demo ? Xxxxxx

  5. I respect everybody's choice in life. Just wanted to say that first. This is not a critical comment. I just am very surprised to see the number of supplements women take in the US and UK. I mean, why would you take a pill to elevate your mood…if I am in a mood I just wait for it to go away, I snap out of it or I just sit with it trying to understand where it is coming from ….we can't always be in a great mood, it is just a thing of life and I accept that we sometimes have bad moods and bad days….for all the other stuff…I just had my complete blood work and doctor said all is ok , no lack of anything in my body (BTW, I am one year vegan and don't drink alcohol). I feel great, I am free of blood pressure medication after 4 years …I never took a supplement of any kind in my life (I am 57 now). So, I guess, to each her own choice and we should all do what we feel it works for us. I just wanted to share this because I feel I am such an outsider in the beauty world …not taking anything…I do wear make up every day and I take care of my skin…but other than that….nothing out of the ordinary. I am not against cosmetic surgery for those who feel really need it. For the moment , I don't. Hope this does not offend any ladies out there. My comment was not meant to upset anybody.

  6. Ohmy. .. trying to look younger you made your face son weird!!!

  7. te amooooooooooooooooooooo, desde chile

  8. Your poor liver, Trinny!

  9. Sometimes the simple things in life are best arent they trin

  10. Hello Trinny! I have recently started watching your videos about face care and I LOVE THEM! Now, I am 23 years old and have oily skin. I have some wrinkles on my forehead (probably because in the past 4-5 years I sunbathed without ANY sunscreen on!! Crazy! Now, I am thinking about getting the Redermir R and Redermic C from La Roche Posay and use them to slowly remove the wrinkles and prevent new ones. I am also thinking about getting some Dr.Hauschka products like Rose cream(light). Can you tell me if what I am planning to use is good and could you recommend me any other product that you know that someone with oily skin used and was satisfied?? Also,can you tell me what you think is the best product that helped you stay wrinkle free?Thank you so much! You are so beautiful and kind!

  11. What a sexy and gorgeous woman!!!! WOW you look amazing!! Well done! Hugs

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