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Special thanks to: Fr. Kevin Scallon & Dana Rosemary Scallon for leading us on this wonderful Rosary.
First Sorrowful Mystery – The Agony in the Garden
Second Sorrowful Mystery – The Scourging at the Pillar
Third Sorrowful Mystery – The Crowning With Thorns
Fourth Sorrowful Mystery – The Carrying of the Cross
Fifth Sorrowful Mystery – The Crucifixion

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  1. I lift this rosary for my husband lenny as he goes to do a test to determine if his colon has cancer after a colonoscopy procedure that showed cancerous thank you Jesus for answered prayers

  2. Wish hope pray everythings alrught bless i can take shower lord amen

  3. I offer my Rosary for return of our country to its core belief system including our leadership. May our Blessed Mother Mary convert their minds so that we as a nation will stop abortions at any stage. I also pray for the forgiveness of our sins and for the poor souls in purgatory.

  4. I am praying for my dad who would have been 107 yesterday. May he rest in peace.

  5. Mama Mary please ask Jesus to send His healing love to Othello

  6. I am offering this rosary for the healing of COVID 19 of Macky and Mineal Dela Cuesta.

  7. Wish hope pray everythings alright godbless us amen… bless my employeer to gv my salary today god amen

  8. We pray fot peace of Afghanistan

  9. We pray for the converssion of sinners and covid 19 – pandemic wiil be gone.

  10. We pray for the conversion of pregnant women who are planning to kill her Unborn child, , innocent and helpless babies.

  11. I thank you holy mother of jesus..i offer this pray to my family and friends protect us all.amen

  12. Rest In Peace my dear son, Jaime Siriban, Jr. I love and miss you so much!

  13. i offer this rosary for all Christians who are being persecuted especially those being hunted down such as in Afghanistan. Jesus pour you Precious Blood over each of them abd Mother Mary Wrap you beautiful Blue Mantle of Love around them all. Protect them from pain and torment. Thank you so much Mother Mary

  14. Wish hope pray everythings alright godbless us amen.

  15. I offer This Rosary for Matt and. Tony for their needs. For Betzsbe who had gall bladder surgery and had complications. For all who asked me for prayer. Pray for us Holy Mother Of God. That we may be worthy of the promises of God. Amen

  16. Beautiful rosary prayer with explanation of mysteries and beautiful songs about Mama Mary. My grandchildren also love to sing the song when we pray together with this rosary prayer everyday before going to sleep. Thank you Ms. Carmen Soriano for sharing this beautiful rosary prayer.

  17. Prayers for all the people of Afghanistan

  18. Mother Mary is a Woman to be respected she is a True Woman a True Virgin a A Pure&Chaste Woman.Mother Mary is Before,Today&For Eternity Perfect in her ways Amen.I Love&Praise her Forever LONG LIVE MOTHER MARY! PRAISE MOTHER MARY! I LOVE MOTHER MARY! FOR ETERNITY AMEN-Lorenzo Lucas Username Watson Wu

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