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Sattvic Bhojan – an Ayurvedic diet meal recipe | Onmanorama Food

Sattvic Bhojan – an Ayurvedic diet meal recipe | Onmanorama Food

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This Sattvic Bhojan, a healthy platter put together by Ajeeth Janardhananan, Executive Chef, and Dr. Anitha Manoj, Assistant Spa Manager at the Raviz Resort and Spa Ashtamudi, Kollam, would help you give a delicious makeover to the monsoon diet.

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24 gedachten over “Sattvic Bhojan – an Ayurvedic diet meal recipe | Onmanorama Food

  1. Very good recipe….some variation if I have created these recipes( for first two )are …1. Buttermilk : black salt, roasted Jeera powder, roasted /fried whole black pepper that will come on the surface of buttermilk glass … garnish …fresh green coriander leafs with their small (not hard)branches chopped, a small cherry ..the fruit in between and the branch will touch on to the glass2. Sprouts : instead of urad's sprout…small desi Chana sprouts with some steam in open utensil, with some more veggies if u desire…, Roasted peanuts / mungfali dana, some roasted sesame seeds ……to garnish ….fresh chopped green Coriander leafs with soft branches, some pomegranate sprinkled, some kish- mish sprinkled, a lichi at the top in-between the sprouts plateCreative food is like Meditation…..U can have the beginning of creative ideas in cooking n garnishing..but u can not have the end of creative ideas on chef's Table….. as Meditation don't have any end…. I can write atleast 5 pages on to this video n recipe… but that will also be insufficient……to be continued…to …. infinity…..

  2. Very nice and healthy. One small criticizm. Plaintain leaf directly heat in gas flame for ' Ada' is unhealthy.

  3. Thànks for nice and healthy recipes

  4. it would be purely natural if u cooked in earth pot.

  5. Aap ke paas jo male khade hai unki body dekho….kya wo saatvic Bojan karte hai ?????????

  6. Wow wonderful a big clap to both of you. Dr., and chef. What more vagetables can be used in place of padavalanga.?

  7. concept is good but we need tamasi pravruti these days or else india will end of hindus

  8. Just wondering, coconut oil being the best of the best healthy food, why you are taking pride in excluding that from the dish? In the west they are selling it through medical/chemical stores, unfortunately in Kerala people still didn't manage to unschool themselves from the years of propaganda, really sad.

  9. satvik food in an aluminium pan and non stick cook ware… hypocrisy

  10. Green chillies do not come under saatvik

  11. Mafi ji ye ap bharat ke liye bata rahe hai ya out of country ya bharat me sirf wo log jo English jante hai jo sirf 10./. Ya 15./. honge plZ Hindi

  12. Food looks very healthy but people who cooking does they look healthy ??

  13. Why are hosts so fat? Arent they taking satvic bhojan

  14. What curd was used ? Is it milk curd ? Asking becoz it says vegan food

  15. Haathi hathni kha kha kar tamsik bhojan dusro ko padha rahey hai saatvic bhojan ka paath wah wah

  16. Tomato is not a part of saatvic bhojan tomato were brought by foreigners originally not grown in India

  17. Thank you for the yummy recipes. I only missed when to add the fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds in the rice. I assume before the tomatoes, is that right? Much love. xx

  18. Where to get njawara rice? Is it same as red rice?

  19. Your food seems very tasty for the Tamasi People. Its not Satwik. Please do not do that.

  20. Coconut oil is not satvic. Raw coconut and ghee are satvic. Message from reghunath Cochin.

  21. Hi, by the way once you cook the sprouts it losses all the nutrients.. Its better eat as such

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