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Royal Queen Seeds – Green Gelato timelapse

Royal Queen Seeds – Green Gelato timelapse

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Disclaimer: This is an educational video about how i grow my plants. This isn’t a video to promote the use of cannabis in any way.

A small timelapse from Green Gelato.
In the beginning she had a weak stem but i fixed it by tying her down to a stick for a couple weeks. The smoke was good. It tastes sweet and you get a sativa high (uplifting). This strain is very good for meditation.

This is the plant i am referring to in the video:
If you want to strengthen your plants to prevent mold (any plant not only cannabis) or if you want to get rid of mold it’s a really good thing to try. You can make a tea (leave the plants in the water for a couple of hours) or you can make a extract (leave the plants in the water for a week or longer) .Extract is obviously stronger. If you already have mold then i recommend you to make a spray with 1/10 extract (or less) and water or only the tea and you spray your plants and the top of the soil and the stem every day until you see improvement, but only do that i you have tried to remove the affected leafs because it does not always work, but it’s better en cheaper then chemical products. Its better if you prevent mold by taking care of enough space between your plant ,air flow , prevent bugs , prevent them getting wet ect.

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23 gedachten over “Royal Queen Seeds – Green Gelato timelapse

  1. Green Gelato is nice strain ! Lot of fun 🙂

  2. Good job i like royal queen outdoor i had 4 plants of gorilla glue what a beauty was it the best i ever make

  3. very beautiful woman , how come it grew so small ? looks nice though how was she to smoke ?

  4. You have cool neighdboars xDFor what is the Banana at the last plant ?/^^

  5. Do you have instagram?

  6. What a waste of some of the best quality seeds..

  7. Pretty girl, nice garden

  8. Oh my days, my ideal woman! Beautiful as they come and obviously very chill. Mwah!

  9. Beautifull, and the plants too :-), i am a first time grower, and was growing an unknown bag seed, but just now realised and i think i maybe have one of these beautifull gelatos, got many videos up on my channel with my summer project, maybe someone can confirm it?

  10. this or Wedding Gelato?

  11. Shit plants but marry me

  12. after how many days did the seed be born?

  13. So wish my misses wws like you it would be epic x

  14. Nice collection of plants. Wish I lived in a place where I could just grow loads of plants without having to worry about getting busted. Unfortunately, despite having lots of space to grow outdoors, I haven't got the weather and I would end up in jail!

  15. This is autoflower ? Green gelato auto ?

  16. When did you decide to harvest? Mine seems to have been flowering for ages but a lot of the the hairs are still green and straight (I don't have a jewellers loupe so I can't look at the trichomes). Admittedly I'm not growing it in ideal conditions but I'm kinda new to this, the plant was a present from a friend and I've just been growing it on a south facing window sill. Any help greatly appreciated

  17. Don't worry about the idiots that say what a waste of seed. They probably couldn't even grow their d#ck if they fertilized it with viagra . You done well good on you and the buds actually look pretty nice to be honest. Well done keep on growing. Subscribed 🙂

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