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Planting Aloe vera in Pure Sand

Planting Aloe vera in Pure Sand

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This video on planting aloe vera in pure sand is a long time request of one of my viewers. If there’s anything you want me to do or experiment on Aloe vera, just write it in the comment section.

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26 gedachten over “Planting Aloe vera in Pure Sand

  1. Really the colour of your aloe vera so much beautiful

  2. From where I can get Barbadensis miller variety in India???please tell about this

  3. Does aloevera grow well in plastic pots? .. The weather here is very rainy and humid sometimes… The plastic pots are tending to hold a lot of water. I hope it does not damage the plant?

  4. My aloe vera plant not so very healthy,, what can I do now? and it’s colour is brown not healthy green plz tell me what can i do now

  5. How to protect your aloe vera during the rainy season . Is there any problem with aloe vera if it rains directly? .Since your aloe vera is on the roof .it is often replaced when it rains?.

  6. Where is this place ? Can l get baby plants in India.

  7. Very interesting and informative experiment. So far they are saying, “give us whatever you have…sand or soil,we just love to grow”. I can't thank you enough for your so useful videos

  8. What are the varieties of aloe vera? What is the fastest growing aloe vera variety? What variety is your aloe vera

  9. Why my aloevera don't produce pups?

  10. Video request causes and ways to solve thinning of the leaves

  11. Why my aloe leaves isn't thicker and how to make my aloe leaves thicker

  12. Due to rainy season my aloe is unable to get proper sunlight … So I m thinking to give it artificial light … So which colour of light will be best for it?

  13. Hey i would appreciate an immediate help for my aloe Vera .Can u please help ?My aloe Vera was not growing.I saw the roots .They are healthy except few secondary roots.I scrapped the tap root.Now shall i plant it like that or shall i let the tap root dry first then pot it ?

  14. Please help.This is the only plant i bought and i don't want it to die

  15. @THE ALOE VERA GARDEN. I have a Aloe ferox is that the correct one to use for cosmetics?

  16. I have such a hard time with aloe. I bought a nice large blue aloe (it was blooming too! ) and basically killed it slowly. I tent to overwater by “just giving it a little misting or spray” with my propagation sometimes. I also kept it outside where it got surprise rained on several time !! But the sun inside my house isn’t strong

  17. How much water does the aloe vera need

  18. Can I use construction sand instead of river sand?

  19. Beautiful video.i want to grow alevera. I will be growing this plant first time Would you please tell me about the sunlight and fertilizer requirements of this plant. Your garden is full of aloevera plants in small containers. .

  20. Will it grow in cow dung

  21. My aloe leaves are thin how much time should i water them?

  22. Will it grow on simple brown sand

  23. what type is this aloe vera ?

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