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PhycoPermaculture #2 Home Scale Micro Algae Curation (Spirulina, Chlorella, Haematococcus)

PhycoPermaculture #2 Home Scale Micro Algae Curation (Spirulina, Chlorella, Haematococcus)

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Going over what PhycoPermaculture is, and my home PhotoBioReactor setup. More information on the Backyard Permaculture immersion at

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27 gedachten over “PhycoPermaculture #2 Home Scale Micro Algae Curation (Spirulina, Chlorella, Haematococcus)

  1. Interesting stuff. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  2. I am interested in this type of work. What is the spelling of the Website?

  3. just beautiful, really happy to see this

  4. Dude! I do the positive intention imprinting on my spawn bags, Emoto was a legend!

  5. How often do you add more nutrients to your spirulina?

  6. Apex NPK Chlorella and Spirulina?

  7. what does your Hebrew tattoo mean?

  8. you claim spirlina is nutritionally complete I would argue macronutrient wise in regards to provide and micronutrient oh it isn't provide scoffed for me if imam wrong as the wiki article says it's nutrient facts and I read it and it's missing some things

  9. I'm glad you're putting out these videos this will be useful stuff in terms of information and inspiration for future food production and permaculture, at some point when micro algae species are genetically engineered to produce all the micro nutrients, carotenoids etc that the body needs. I also wonder whether mushrooms could be genetically engineered to produce everything we need, although that has the disadvantage of being (at the moment) reliant on organic matter from the primary producers like algae and plants so wouldn't be as self-sustainable, adding an extra step to the process making it less efficient. It would be interesting to investigate things such as the types of chemolithotrophic bacteria that get energy from inorganic chemicals, without the help of the sun or radiation in general except through heat rather than the direct, visible spectrum. It would be the most sustainable source of food for these reasons and would eliminate the need for us to cut down any forests and vegetation in order to make space for crops that rely on the sun. Even fungi depend on organic molecules produced by other living organisms and eventually it requires us to cultivate plants with a direct view of the sun and hence requires us to clear more and more of the Earth's ecosystems for our use. If bacteria like this could be utilised we could truly let the rest of nature flourish and we could get back to a state of not raping and destroying the ecosystems and the rest of life on Earth and get back to a state closer to harmony with nature reducing our footprint to the minimal footprint on the Earth that we were originally allowed by evolution to have before we over-ran the planet

  10. I've tried to lower the nutrients and increase the intensity of light but my haematococcus did not turn red, can you explain in detail about how to change the color of haematococcus

  11. How to measure its growth rate?

  12. Using a damn stand. Your shaking the camera. It makes it really hard to watch.

  13. Dude, your work here is incredible! Fully inspiring me to grow my own spirulina right now. You seem like the kind of dude I would be best friends with. Much Love Brother, keep up the good work

  14. why are both your spirulina cultures different colors, are they at different stages of development?

  15. Loved this. Im starting my cultures soon

  16. Hey those are the three algaes that Michael Kiriac used to cure cancer right? My bad I think it was spirulina,haematococcus, and dunaliella great video thank you.

  17. Hi, curious where you found your Haematococcus p? I found mine in a bird bath but still not turning green after 4 days. Thanks for the video.

  18. u mean PhyToPermaculture

  19. Can the media for spirulina be made with organic minerals instead or inorganic? Just curious

  20. I'm going to start my own cultures

  21. Fannnnntastic! Thank you. I will learn how to grow this. Many Blessings

  22. Awesome stuff. (just watched this in the APSO course material)Very comprehensive explanation and helpful info. I am impressed at the shout out to Dr. Masaru Emoto. I really like your application of his discoveries (with regards to the effect of words and intent to re-structure water molecules) in your cultivation methods. I also love how you described that chlorella can protect DNA and stimulate creating new DNA (via mitochondrial biogenesis). I am excited about the studies showing how these blue green algae can not only detoxify and nourish our bodies, they can also serve to work in conjunction with other superfoods to facilitate accelerated neuroregeneration and neurogenesis . Combine that with some cordyceps, lion's mane, solid exercise and a good gut flora and you get yourself one very resilient human capable of soaring levels of cognitive function.

  23. How to grow haematococcus pluvialis at home

  24. Fascinating, absolutely fascinating!!!!

  25. Pepitone is nonvegan isn't it?

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