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Persona 5 Royal – New Shadow Okumura Boss Guide

Persona 5 Royal – New Shadow Okumura Boss Guide

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This fight is a little different and a lot harder than the original. At this point in the game, you’ll really need to start creating stronger (higher) level Personas and have a wide variety of abilities. Choose your party members wisely.

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29 gedachten over “Persona 5 Royal – New Shadow Okumura Boss Guide

  1. I don't understand all the drama I heard about this boss, It wasn't that bad.

  2. Wow they managed to make this palace a whole lot worse

  3. the green robots become so much easier if joker can also get mapsio, I got it with red rider. hope that helps!

  4. Seriously, fuck this boss. I should not be under leveled right now.

  5. If you could All Out Attack this fight would be so much more bearable.

  6. this battle was impossible at first but then i made red rider. It became quite easy lolIf you are wondering, i got mapsio, Eigeon (heavy curse to all) and multiple severe damage magic. So i was able to literally baton pass murder everything lol. Ryuji and Mona got crits pretty consistently enough for me to comfortably survive. I did have a guide on my monitor on the side too which helped a lot lol.Oh and Haru+physical shield (tetrakarn or whatever its called) basically baited the executive director every turn. Once he big banged i simply guarded, then healed with Mona. Rinse repeat.

  7. Legitimately the worst designed boss fight I’ve ever fought and I’ve played hundreds of games

  8. Who is the person at atlus said hey let’s make the okumra boss fight more annoying

  9. I don't care if it's late but I want you to know that I absolutely love you. This fucking fight with a nuisance to me. And thanks to your video I finally beat it. You are the best.

  10. This guy in vanilla was annoying, I didn't think they could somehow redesign him to be WORSE but here we are.

  11. Made the worst part of the game even worse just how

  12. …Honestly, this run seems very lucky:I’m very surprised that no Concentrate Persona was used for the wave clears, and that no Baton Passing over 2 occurred.

  13. I just spammed shining arrows to kill all the robots.

  14. Who's goddamn idea was it to have to take down all 4 bots in 2 FREAKING TURNS ONLY!!I actually cannot beat the large green robots because every time I get close they flee and he just summons a new wave!Anyone got any hints?

  15. You saved me a lot of time, thank you very much.

  16. Its literally insane how it took me 2 tries to beat this on merciless whereas it was impossible on easy/normal

  17. crap couldn't figure out how to get past the green ones. so I have to take them all out a once.

  18. If u r playing with p5r just get tsukiyomy or tsukiomy picaro

  19. You made this look easy, gonna copy your strat when I reach this guy :3

  20. I watched this a one thank you i hate the green dudes,they run away rigth when imma win.

  21. I hate this boss battle, like how the green robots always run away so I gave up for today, and tried to watch guides on how to kill them fast. I haven't tried this yet but I will try this some day. I really hope it works.

  22. This battle is plainly broken, it is more of an RNG matter. Sad to get to something like this in an otherwise awesome game

  23. That was the worst Boss fight i have ever seen in any game. He was bad in the original game, but I couldn't imagine they really found a way to make him THIS cancerous.Took me like 3 Hours (if not more) to beat this guy, or rather his stupidass minions.I hate whoever did this from the depths of my heart.

  24. Looked at the completion rate trophy for this game and let me tell you… lol this is the guy that MADE people quit the game

  25. I’ve been playing on hard, had to bump the difficulty down to easy, and it’s still hard.

  26. Thank you so much for this!!!!! Literally I have had the most frustrating time with this fight to the point I was tempted to camp inside Mementos until I was like level 50+ or something so I could one shot the robots. I'm finally going through this game blind, so i don't like looking a lotta stuff up, but man this fight was ridiculous. I hope the later boss fights in the game aren't this level of frustrating despite being at normal mode.

  27. Don't have enough health to survive the big bang order

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