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Optimize Performance and Develop Self-Understanding with Ayurveda

Optimize Performance and Develop Self-Understanding with Ayurveda

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00: 00: 00 Stream Start
00: 02: 35 Ayurvedic Psychiatry and Western Psychology
00: 05: 57 Depression According to Western Science
00: 11: 18 How Medicine Isn’t Scientific
00: 14: 20 Your Dosha Is Not Your Pokemon Type
00: 32: 20 Doshic Combinations Lecture
01: 30: 18 Is Laziness Tied to Doshas?
01: 32: 55 Will There Be More Spiritual Lectures?
01: 37: 07 Thoughts on Homeoepathy?
01: 41: 44 Any Tips for Pitta Kapha?
01: 46: 05 Comedians and Doshas
01: 49: 09 Tram Rant React
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29 gedachten over “Optimize Performance and Develop Self-Understanding with Ayurveda

  1. I feel like I'm a mix of vata and a kapha but all the negative aspects of them. Which would explain why I'm such a failure. 🙁

  2. 1) Joke with the person. Ask them what they want to be called2) Ask how you can help them3) Say, I know this might sound strange but the problem isn't the problem, it's that they're being driven by the fact that they think there's a problem4) Ask if you can think for a second5) Say you know this might sound strange but here's an example of how you overcame a problem once yourself6) Finish up with some weird meditation stuff7) Ask where viewers can find the person on social media

  3. Are the doshas linked to extroversion and introversion at all?

  4. Hey @HealthyGamerGGThis stream inspired me to get into this topic more – are there any books you can recommend for this?

  5. “There are three main personality types”Cool, tell me more”Those personality types are also linked to your physical appearance”Uhhh, this sounds like potential harmful misinformation (bringing us back to the days of phrenology)”But you can be big boned and have ADHD, you just have the physical traits of one group and the mental traits of another group”Oh, so there isn't an actual link between physical appearance and mentality. Then why even bring it up??

  6. Vata Kaffa kinda sounds like an artist or composer: they are constantly making something new, but they are typically reliant on some kind of structure.

  7. Wow I didn't know that Ayurveda is actually more than just indian astrology. Very cool

  8. it's okay Dr. K, it doesn't “sound kinda weird” to me 🙂

  9. Do you understand how much damage you are doing?

  10. Interesting stuff, please do more :>

  11. Question !!! – if I am a high pitta person and I have low kapha and low vatta does it mean I can become similar to high vatta person by lowering my kapha below the threshold ?

  12. 1:40:00 ! Here I'll talk about the ashwagandha pill I started using on my own so I don't encourage people to do exactly that, please consult your doctor before taking it but in my experience, some specific ashwagandha pills helped me a fuck ton, I noticed that my stress level after taking the pills was lowred and i was more likely to go things and follow up with my plans then having my brain self sabotage everything.Will it help you to cure your depression ? Not really, speaking from my experience the ashwagandha pills give you anti-depression high which wears out after some time so you'll be keep taking it till you make progress of your own till you fix your depression.Beaware !!!! Only few companies make better ashwagandha pills, I have tried other cheaper versions of it and those didn't worked that well.Also it may won't help you as much as it helped me because everyones body is different and ashwagandha tend to have different side effects for different people.For me my bowl moments became irregular, I started to gain more Wieght, I got a bit more swaety then usual so please people careful with what you put in your body.

  13. I find it funny because I chose programming as my main path for work, and I identify myself as a Kapha-Vata, so I was surprised when you mention program development as being something that Kapha-Vatas are good at.

  14. Can Dr.K PLEASE upload these without the twitch chat?! I find the chat to be very distracting.

  15. I think the audio podcast feed is broken, this episode isn't showing up for me, I prefer listening, just thought I'd let you know.

  16. It'd be really if we could get a ayuverda seminar, dedicating time for more specific questions

  17. This is fascinating. Very hard to swallow though, but it seems compelling. Looking forward to studies to be made about this. Can't really be convinced until then since I know no one around me who can actually show me these things in-depth (which sounds a bit weird, actually, in a scammy way). Still super interesting.

  18. I find it funny how I got a deja vu in the first part of the video, I know he tends to repeat certain things on stream especially, and not like it's an issue to repeat them, I just felt a bit weird because it felt like new information when it wasn't.

  19. i was surprised that some people didnt know how to check their pulse

  20. Still so difficult to see where I fit in the doshas. Maybe I can find an actual ayurvedic practitioner.

  21. This is the first time that I hear about evidence for homeopathy. In Germany, we are just taught all the time that the placebo effect is precisely as strong as homeopathy (and the placebo effect has been shown to exist).

  22. I know a little bit about blood type psychology. Is A supposed to be kapha, O = pitta and B = vata? I am type O and a pitta.

  23. :48:27 Cmon doc you are better than this

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