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Oil Finish Comparison – woodworking

Oil Finish Comparison – woodworking

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In this video I compare some common Oil Finishes.
How do they look on wood? Can you build a film finish with boiled linseed oil, tung oil, danish oil, tru oil?

“Corncob” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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27 gedachten over “Oil Finish Comparison – woodworking

  1. Nice video. I like your methodical approach. Tung oil will eventually dry very hard, but it can take up to two months depending on the environment & number of coats etc.

  2. Best video, clear and concise, shows pros and cons…helped me with my chair restoration. Thanks

  3. Excellent comparison! Thank you!!

  4. Great video, thank you. Sound quality is a little “noisy” though. You could maybe do with a better camera/mic.

  5. Can acrylic gesso be applied on wood with boiled linseed oil?

  6. Thank you that really helped me

  7. Really helped me. Thank you

  8. Hi, can you tell me please what shade of Danish Oil you used, was it Natural or Georgian Medium Oak. Thanks. Paul.

  9. Great comparison, thank you!!

  10. What about layering 2 oils: start with linseed, then finish with tru oil?

  11. vielen dank für das informative video! woher hast du das tru oil?

  12. Thank you, that's exactly what I needed to know to select a finish for my guitar neck. You're drying/hardness experiment is priceless!

  13. Great video! You really showed the difference between the finishes and explained film & in-the-wood finishes, Thank you.

  14. I use linseed oil (anti mould) but looking at that each oil looked the same.

  15. which one is “Haht Ul”?

  16. I want to darken my Nitro on my Gibson J-15 guitar what would you use to stain the Lacquer

  17. nice, but you didn't mention what kind of wood you're using, therefore, 0 stars.

  18. Dog is thinking: “Who are you talking to?”

  19. Nice work with the video! May I ask, what would you recommend for wooden pine sauna floor 90C heat? Cheapest solution, does not need to last more than 4 years.. can I just use raw linseed oil?

  20. Excellent video. What oil do you recommend for finishing an acoustic guitar?

  21. This is so helpful! Could you please review orange oil?

  22. Greetings! Nice and useful Video, thanks for sharing…

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