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NuFace Anti-Aging How To Full Face Demonstration

NuFace Anti-Aging How To Full Face Demonstration

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This video is a full length anti-aging demonstration of how to use the NuFace Trinity microcurrent device. This video is the last of three how to videos on microcurrent. Because it’s a full face routine, start to finish, it’s a longer video. I sped up any parts where I’m not talking but there’s tons of helpful tips sprinkled throughout so I recommend watching the whole thing.

Want to intensify your anti-aging routine? Want a firmer, younger, more lifted face? I got you covered!

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MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT PART 1 (Microcurrent and the NuFace Attachments)!

AND PART 2 (conductivity gels)!

Hope you guys like it! Let me know in the comments what you think!

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– Katie, The Organic Esthetician

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28 gedachten over “NuFace Anti-Aging How To Full Face Demonstration

  1. OMG! I've been splitting my jaw, one above and one below. Can't wait to try your ways of using this!

  2. Hello. Thanks for the video. I have a beautyspot on my face and I was just thinking if it is safe to use my nuface on it?

  3. Can micro current damage your thyroid if u use on your neck? I’m confused about rules for using on the neck. Also, can I use NuFACE with RF?

  4. I bought the mini nu face I am trying to use it but it’s not weeping ,, can you please help me

  5. Hi I was watching one of your other videos with LED light and you had mentioned the The contra indications of using steroids on the skin what is the time frame of stopping the steroids and using the LED Light therapy my question is because I was using a steroid cream for a rash on my neck and I’ve stopped and I would like to start the LED light therapy but how long do I need to have stopped the steroid to start LED light therapy.. Thank you so much for your time my Gmail is GAILMBRUNO

  6. so I used aloe vera gel on my face tonight for conductive gel and i had a reaction!!! I look sunburnt!!!! any other conductive gel besides nuface?

  7. Just got the mini and your video is great! Is it better to do it in the morning or night ?

  8. OMG, your eyebrows are so exaggerated and manly!! You would be so much more pleasing if you had HALF the amount of eyebrow!! I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this, do something!!!

  9. Hi there! I've meaning to ask you, if you had to choose one at home device to treat overall firmness in the face and not so much about wrinkles which one would you choose? Thanks a lot 🙂

  10. What are your thoughts of using Hada Labo Premium HA serum with the revolution copper peptide serum for a microcurrent Nuface session? The copper would be conductive right?

  11. Hi I thought we begin on the neck ?

  12. Wow I have been doing it wrong

  13. Can this be good for the nuface mini

  14. Thank you for making this video.

  15. Excellent review and tutorial! You can see how it lifted the skin .

  16. Love this tutorial. I would like to know if the nu face MINI get same result on petite women. Thank you.

  17. Thanks, your methods and techniques are a little different from what I've seen, going to try those cheek ones!

  18. Thank you for your excellent tutorial. Three years later, do you still love it? ❤

  19. Just got nu face and this was such an amazing tutorial by such a lovely ladayyyyy

  20. Once I’m finished, do I just wipe the gel off and do my serum/moisturizer/spf routine?

  21. The reason I don’t do this a lot is because I feel like I don’t know what products I can or cannot use with it. I use retinol and other serums at night . And it says to use oil free stuff I thought so isn’t that like almost all serums?

  22. I’m also confused about the red light therapy device like what serums to use or products and when do I use the micro currency and the red light.

  23. Can I use Alovera gel selling in Guardian?

  24. Hi Katie my nuface trinity is beeping 3 times why is this please

  25. Just discovered you and I’m mind blown! I’ve had my nuface for over and year and finally fell in love with it, with your help ❤️

  26. Terrific but it only last for a little while. that’s the problem. who has the time to be doing this every day? Mine broke after five months one day it just wouldn’t go anymore. And that gel cost so much I believe that’s where they’re making the money just like the home printers make money on the ink cartridges. I just wish there was some kind of permanent lift from this device☹️

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