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Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega 3 and Solgar, Omega-3 EPA & DHA, Triple Strength

Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega 3 and Solgar, Omega-3 EPA & DHA, Triple Strength

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Triglyceride Form vs ethyl ester. Polystyrene test
Link to Nordic Naturals Omega 3
Link to Solgar Omega 3 Triple Strength

Fish Oils as Triglycerides vs. Ethyl Esters: Why This Matters:

Which form of omega-3 fish oil has a better shelf life?

Few studies directly compare oxidation rates of triglyceride and ethyl ester fish oil products with similar levels of EPA and DHA. The studies that have been conducted demonstrated that fatty acids in the form of ethyl ester oxidize faster than those in triglyceride form. For example, when triglyceride and ethyl ester fish oils were incubated at 80°C while bubbling air through them, ethyl esters oxidized more rapidly than triglycerides [19].

Additionally, in another study where oxygen concentration was monitored in the headspace of DHA-enriched fish oil stored at various temperatures, results revealed that DHA in ethyl ester form oxidized faster than triglycerides [20]. These results were supported by another clinical trial that found oxidation proceeded more rapidly in ethyl esters than triglycerides [21].

Most relevant is a recently conducted study that is currently under review for peer-reviewed publication. This trial assessed oxidation of triglyceride and ethyl ester fish oil that had similar amounts of EPA and DHA at 5-60°C. The rate of oxidation, as measured by change in peroxide value and Anisidine value, was found to be lower in triglyceride fish oil than in ethyl ester [22].

How do I know if my omega-3 fish oil is an ethyl ester or a triglyceride?

Fish oil products available in North America do not require labels to state whether they are in triglyceride or ethyl ester form. Since this information is not easily accessible, there is a simple, inexpensive, and rapid method to determine if a fish oil supplement is in the triglyceride or ethyl ester form by using polystyrene (Styrofoam) cups.

Measure and place 20 ml of fish oil in a polystyrene cup, place the cup on a plate to avoid any mess, and observe the cup after 10 minutes. Due to their chemical composition, ethyl ester oils will actually dissolve the polystyrene cup. While this effect becomes evident after just a few minutes, significant leakage is seen after 10 minutes.

Ethyl ester oils dissolve polystyrene by dissolving the chemical bonds used to keep the polystyrene from collapsing. When these bonds are broken, the air trapped in the polystyrene escapes causing the structure to collapse.

Natural triglyceride fish oils placed in the same cup, on the other hand, will not show leakage after 10 minutes—but they may show leakage through the cup in very small amounts after 2-3 hours.


Natural triglyceride fish oil supplements offer numerous advantages over ethyl ester fish oil supplements. First, triglyceride oils are the molecular form found naturally in fish, and they are more resistant to oxidation than ethyl ester oils.

Most important, however, is the fact that triglyceride fish oils are metabolized and absorbed more efficiently and completely than ethyl ester oils, which may increase overall health benefits for consumers.
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30 gedachten over “Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega 3 and Solgar, Omega-3 EPA & DHA, Triple Strength

  1. so which one is better ?


  3. Solgar is the worse in supplements omega 3 by my experience, in other type suplements is good

  4. Даже с гугл переводчиком не поняла? что же лучше…? по логике солгар хуже

  5. Of course Nodic Naturals.Perfect

  6. But it does not mean that solgar is bad?

  7. I'm confused other people are doing this test and saying that the oil that melts the styrofome is better quality than the one that does nothing, which is it?

  8. Ну и что это блять значит то?? Хули молчать, вывод надо сделать какой-то!

  9. Bullshit! All Omega 3 from Solgar are made naturally from triglycerides it's clearly mentioned on the bottle. I've been taking this brand from a long time so it's trusted. Stop watching videos with kind of marketing on the background.

  10. Nordic natural is superior because its triglyceride form, ethyl ester does exactly what the video shows, it's comprehensible.currently, that's the scenario 1. Phospholipids from krill (best omega 3 form)2. Triglyceride form (much better than ethyl), more bioavailability3. Ethyl ester, standard form, not so much well absorbed by the body, I don't recommend this form, only the two above

  11. Рыбные масла как триглицериды и этиловые эфиры: почему это имеет значение: какая форма омега-3 рыбьего жира имеет лучший срок хранения? Немногие исследования непосредственно сравнивают скорости окисления триглицеридов и этилового эфира рыбьего жира с аналогичными уровнями EPA и DHA. Исследования, которые были проведены, показали, что жирные кислоты в форме этилового эфира окисляются быстрее, чем жирные кислоты в форме триглицеридов. Например, когда триглицеридные и этиловые эфиры рыбьего жира инкубировали при 80 ° С при пропуске через них пузырьков воздуха, этиловые эфиры окислялись быстрее, чем триглицериды [19]. Кроме того, в другом исследовании, в котором концентрация кислорода контролировалась в свободном пространстве обогащенного DHA рыбьего жира, хранящегося при различных температурах, результаты показали, что DHA в этиловом эфире окисляется быстрее, чем триглицериды [20]. Эти результаты были подтверждены еще одним клиническим испытанием, в результате которого окисление протекало быстрее в этиловых эфирах, чем триглицериды [21]. Наиболее актуальным является недавно проведенное исследование, которое в настоящее время находится на рассмотрении для рецензируемой публикации. В этом исследовании оценивали окисление триглицеридов и эфиров этилового эфира, которые имели аналогичные количества EPA и DHA при 5-60 ° C. Установлено, что скорость окисления, измеряемая изменением значения пероксида и значения Анизидина, ниже в рыбьего жира триглицеридов, чем в этиловом эфире [22]. Как я узнаю, является ли мое омега-3 рыбьего жира сложным этиловым эфиром или триглицеридом? Рыбные нефтепродукты, доступные в Северной Америке, не нуждаются в этикетках, чтобы указать, находятся ли они в форме триглицерида или этилового эфира. Поскольку эта информация недоступна, существует простой, недорогой и быстрый способ определения, добавляется ли добавка рыбьего жира в форме триглицерида или этилового эфира, используя чашки из полистирола (пенополистирола). Измерьте и поместите 20 мл рыбьего жира в чашку из полистирола, поместите чашку на тарелку, чтобы избежать беспорядка, и наблюдайте за чашкой через 10 минут. Из-за их химического состава этиловые эфирные масла фактически растворяют полистирол. Хотя этот эффект становится очевидным через несколько минут, значительная утечка наблюдается через 10 минут. Масла этилового эфира растворяют полистирол путем растворения химических связей, используемых для предотвращения разрушения полистирола. Когда эти связи разрушаются, воздух, попавший в полистирол, ускользает, что разрушает структуру. Природные триглицеридные рыбные масла, помещенные в ту же чашку, с другой стороны, не будут испытывать утечки через 10 минут, но через 2-3 часа они могут протекать через чашку в очень малых количествах. Заключение Природные триглицеридные добавки для рыбьего жира обладают многочисленными преимуществами над добавками рыбьего жира с этиловым эфиром. Во-первых, масла триглицеридов являются молекулярной формой, естественным образом обнаруженной у рыб, и они более устойчивы к окислению, чем масла этилового эфира. Самое главное, однако, заключается в том, что триглицеридные рыбные масла метаболизируются и абсорбируются более эффективно и полностью, чем масла этилового эфира, что может повысить общую польза для здоровья потребителей

  12. Код на Скидочку 10%❤️iHerb❤️➡️ELO1744⬅️

  13. Ну а как же люди его принимают если он пенопласт разьедает ?

  14. Nordic Naturalis РУЛИТ!

  15. Ultimate Omega 3 eroded the foam because it has high percentage of EPA, which is more suitable for older people who has health problem related with cardiovascular or high blood pressure. Nordic naturals does not eroded the foam, which means the DHA is higher than EPA, it is suitable for young people.

  16. Whew. I'm actually using Nortic Natural. Recommended by my eye doctor for dry eyes. I'm 62. I will continue buying.

  17. А почему нет стандарта GMP ?

  18. Original Omega 3 has to melt styrofoam ?

  19. Check this out. I tried Puori's protein powder and Omega 3. Infact all the products of Puori are too good.

  20. Don't be fool by watching this video without knowing the chemistry behind it.Recent attention given to the effects of various fish oils on polystyrene (Styrofoam®) or thermocol has led to some misunderstanding of how these products work in terms of nutrition and safety. It is unfortunate that the use of these stunts imply may confuse or even scare people away from taking this natural product which provides constituents that are essential to human health. Don’t be fooled by this trick! If someone tries to use it as a means to push one product over another, challenge them to explain exactly what the test is supposed to mean. Here’s what you need to know about the test, how it works, and what it means:Styrofoam® (polystyrene) cups can be dissolved by pure fish oils. All fish oils will have this same effect on polystyrene, but some will take much longer than others. Various healthy natural substances, like fresh lemon oil, will also dissolve polystyrene. In the Styrofoam® cup test, the esterified ethyl ester form of fish oil works to dissolve Styrofoam® much faster than the triglyceride form simply because the number of chemical bonds in the two forms of oil are different; with ethyl ester fish oil having its number of bonds closer to that of Styrofoam®. This similar chemical polarity is the same reason why pure lemon oil also works quickly to dissolve Styrofoam®. No solvents are used to produce the fish oils, so none are present in the finished products. This magic trick does not translate into any legitimate safety concerns, despite its obvious visual impact. Fortunately, the human body is not composed of polystyrene and is not negatively affected by fish oils in its commonly available forms. Fish oil naturally comes in a volatile triglyceride (triacylglycerol) form and can be esterified for additional benefits. As soon as a fish is caught the oils begin to degrade and can easily go rancid. Esterification is a process that stabilizes and maintains the freshness of fish oil to prevent rancidity and allows higher concentrations of the essential omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids to be available. During this esterification process, the triglycerides are removed, changing the number of molecular bonds in the fish oil. Both the purified ethyl ester form and the triglyceride form must be digested to a simpler fraction, the free fatty acid, to allow bioavailability from the human gut. Ethyl ester and triglyceride forms are equally well digested by lipase and available for absorption as free fatty acids, and the ethyl ester form is at least as bioavailable as the triglyceride form. (1)There is some evidence that the ethyl ester form will sustain circulating levels of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA better than the triglyceride form. The ethyl ester form of EPA and DHA is the form that is used in most successful clinical studies evaluating the potential health benefits of supplemental Omega-3 fats. In fact, clinical trials on the ethyl ester form more consistently generate positive results than those done with the triglyceride form. Also EPA and DHA as ethyl esters inhibit platelet aggregability and control serum triglycerides while leaving other serum lipids essentially unaltered. (2) The ethyl ester forms build up body stores, allowing conversion to free fatty acids more consistently than the triglyceride form. (3) Because of their proven benefits and safety, it would be unfortunate if a misunderstood “test” causes some people to reject the use of solvent-free ethyl ester fish oils as part of their diet.

  21. Stupid video for gullible people, this is a simple chemical reaction, a scam, not more 😀

  22. GOED industry advisory | Polystyrene Dissolution and Ethyl Ester Oils | May 23, 2016
    “Over the past 25 years, the visually surprising effect that ethyl ester oils of the omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), dissolve plastic has been repeatedly shown on television and the Internet. This physical effect involves commonly-used polystyrene plastics, such as atactic and expanded polystyrene used for disposable drinking cups, cutlery and food containers.
    Typically, a demonstration of this physico-chemical behavior is shown by pouring a few milliliters of an omega-3 ethyl ester oil into a disposable polystyrene cup, with the result that the bottom of the cup dissolves and disintegrates.
    Disintegration of polystyrene is specific to the ethyl ester form of omega-3 fatty acids. It does not happen with the triglyceride form of omega-3 fatty acids. Although not formally investigated, it is plausible that the dissolving behavior involves the disruption of the relatively weak interactions between the long and hydrophobic polystyrene polymers by the comparatively small and hydrophobic molecules such as the ethyl ester forms of fatty acids. Also dispersive forces between the phenyl groups of polystyrene and the linear EPA-ethyl ester and DHA-ethyl ester molecules may contribute to the disruption of materials made from polystyrene. Triglyceride forms of omega-3s do not dissolve polystyrene most probably because they are bigger molecules that do not intermingle into the plastic polymeric structure.
    There is an obvious natural reaction by consumers that such an effect may be dangerous for health upon oral intake of omega-3 ethyl ester oils. However, the mouth, stomach and intestines are not made of polystyrene, and do not experience this particular effect. Omega-3-ethyl esters also do not disintegrate the gelatin capsules in which they are normally formulated. Omega-3s on the market are present as both triglycerides and ethyl ester oils, and both chemical presentations undergo similar digestive processes and have similar functional outcomes after oral ingestion. EPA and DHA in both ethyl ester and triglyceride form have been clinically proven to be readily absorbed after oral intake. For over 25 years, every known comprehensive safety evaluation on EPA/DHA, regardless of chemical form, has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to establish a tolerable upper intake level for EPA/DHA because of a lack of observed untoward outcomes.
    In summary, the polystyrene dissolving behavior is limited only to its interaction with materials made of polystyrene. There is no evidence that this physical behavior occurs in the body.”

    You probably know what GOED is. Nordic Naturals is a member of GOED. I'd be curious what they think about this video starring their premium brand?

  23. Nordic Naturals is a “rTG” fish oil concentrate, produced from Ethyl-ester form (EE). So it was also an ethyl-ester at the beginning of the manufacturing process and finally re-esterified into triglyceride form. Since this is NOT NATURAL triglyceride form (TG) this is the misguidance in this video.

  24. TRY NUTRIMUSCLE OMEGA 3 they're natural triglycride fish oils too but with higher concentration of epa and dha because it's high standards quallity, i'm not sponsorised by them by any means but they just have the highest ranking and quality you can get in nutrition these days.

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