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new machine part 2

new machine part 2

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27 gedachten over “new machine part 2

  1. need one bro, talk to me

  2. this is amazing man, have you ever tried or even though of trying this with silver?

  3. Awesome work! Been making colloidal silver for some time using the basic 4 9v battery electrolysis method. I have been intensely researching the process of making colloidal gold. Wish I knew about this before my grandfather passed from alzheimers. My mother already has mild memory problems possibly brought on from aspartame and my 6 year old son has ADHD. . I really think this may be the answer for both of them! I plan on ripping apart a microwave for the MOT and buying a 3amp variac.

  4. Im no stranger to high voltage as I have refurbished quite a few arcade machines. I know the dangers of CRT flybacks and how to properly discharge them. I am not lacking in common sense but wiring up the MOT scares me! A few of my arcade buddies have been zapped by CRT's and are at least alive to talk about it!
    I would love to get one premade but would not expect you to do it for cost of materials. Just want to start making this for my fam, friends and for those who want to stick it 2 big pharm!

  5. I'm looking for information on one of these, please.

  6. How much is the machine?

  7. It's looking much redder than with your original designs. Does this mean you're making better quality solutions?

  8. Hey!  You're back on youtube.  Do you have the plans/schematics for these machines?  I've gotta check out your “basic design” video.

  9. Mike where are you located,,i take it with a name that like you is American .call me 15623946527 I don't sell it

  10. Hey man..question..I make my colloidal gold with 15,000 volts and 30ma AC..My gold is always purple..I'm pretty sure that red colloidal gold means larger I correct ? Please message me back

  11. I also have rhumetoid vasculitus..I'd pay you a hundred dollars for a machine..mine is simply neon transformer. I'm not electrically savy..and my gold never turns red.

  12. could you please send me the circuit diagram for this, the simple basic one that can be used, my email id is

  13. I'm interested in getting one from you. How do we proceed?

  14. hello i was wondering is it nano gold or colloidal gold???

  15. u say to many bad words. shit.this thst. please stop it!!! bad attitude not give good customs. i'm discost to ear this all bad words. imaybe i go some other place to buy if u don'be better person.

  16. My email is I have serious information problems this is the only thing that helps me I make colloidal silver but I need your device because I think it's fantastic I will pay whatever shipping and the gold cost as you said in your video you would be helping me more than you can imagine and I will make enough to help everyone in my town or anywhere I like helping people it's just I need help this time please I'll send you my phone number address email me

  17. I live in Hendersonville North Carolina I sent you a message below with my email

  18. I'm in Facebook Steve sweet please get back to me

  19. Hi. How are you doing? I know this video is old but are you making monatomic or colloidal gold still? If so, do you sell it? Do u sell the machine that u use to make this? Would love to speak or Skype with you; do u offer 30 minute Skype sessions for 25 bucks? Let me know please be great to link up with you!

  20. So really Radeshnarine- You would send someone a machine??  I would LOVE to have one-  please email me !!  I will pay you too…:)  Thank you so much!  I can get the Gold—

  21. Hey bro I really need a machine Ill pay you for it please help me out been drinking gold for 8 years and have had to pay for it every time. I got 12 inches of 24k gold wire ready to go just need a machine. 209-404-4650

  22. Hi, can you make one for me and i wish use for all my family and freinds please let me know if you can this is my email. I use the colloidal silver with good results

  23. I know this video is old but do you still make/sell this machine as I am interested in getting one. If so…please contact me at

  24. I’m very interested!!!! I hope to hear back soon

  25. Hey man just texted you hope you still have that number interested in gold production.

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