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Neuroscientist: The Only Supplements You Need – Dr. Huberman

Neuroscientist: The Only Supplements You Need – Dr. Huberman

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Renowned neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman explains the importance of supplements in maintaining optimal health and performance. He delves into the latest research and scientific studies to show how certain supplements can boost brain power, improve physical performance, and support overall well-being. Whether you’re looking to improve your cognitive function, boost your energy levels, or simply maintain optimal health, this video is a must-watch for anyone interested in natural ways to enhance their well-being. Dr. Huberman’s insights and expertise make this an informative and engaging video for anyone looking to improve their health and performance through natural means.

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26 gedachten over “Neuroscientist: The Only Supplements You Need – Dr. Huberman

  1. Good overall with some important information. The key to supplementing is in the name which you touched on. It is a supplement to the diet. Realistically there are nutrients we need that the majority are not getting. Omega 3 fats is one of the most important especially for the vegetarians and vegans. We just don’t get those at the level we need in most diets. VitaminD is key if you aren’t getting full sun exposure daily. A good whole food multivitamin/ mineral to supplement the lack of that in a lot of the food choices. Also arguably a good probiotic with most diets. I loved the statement that a pill won’t substitute for the healthy lifestyle choices period. Finall most are taking synthetic supplements that are really only partial vitamins. A good whole food source is best. I appreciate your videos and continue to learn so much. Thanks Scott

  2. i was down to talk to my doctor about rybelsus. now i’m gay AAnd fat

  3. You are my guy Andrew. I recommend you to everyone and appreciate each podcast. Thanks for your guidance. xo

  4. Avoid wasting your money on that $50 sleep cocktail he's selling! it offers absolutely zero benefitsIt offers the exact same help as breathing air regularly except that it cost around $50 on Amazon.Save your money and just avoid this so called “cocktail” I have been taking this with absolutely zero effects except for the fact that it cost $50

  5. Why is a doctorate of Neuroscience spouting shit I learned in 5th grade?

  6. Who would know unless you get a vitamin test few times a week to be sure?

  7. Multivitamin, Omega 3, Vitamin D, Magnesium Glycenate are the key 4

  8. You b***** too much. Typical over educated individual. Just get to the point. How much time do you think we have out here?

  9. Andrew would you trust Solaray Tonkat Ali ??I know you like their Fadogia ??

  10. Huberman is stuck on a permanent “fill in the required word count” loop. Good God, so much useless information.. the problem is that he does give you the good stuff too and you must suffer through his incredibly poor communication skills.

  11. You guys aren’t understanding that he has to be careful cause he could get sued or lose credibility if he doesn’t add all these nuances and minced words

  12. so what are “The Only Supplements I Need” – this was a waste of my time.

  13. Whats this bgm..???? Its so good..

  14. Psilocybin microdose is a must have, changed my life

  15. Waste of time and lacking in actual knowledge. Do your research,most vitamins and minerals are low quality and full of binders and fillers,and are made for profit and not human health.

  16. I don't even look at supplements as something other than food. If it's made in a lab, so what. I don't even like the word supplement. If it's something you eat for nutrition in some way it's food. The fact that you don't chew it or it doesn't have a taste is irrelevant. If you take the right supplements and eat shitty food I don't even view that as a waste if money or lazy behavior. I view it as a diet that is good one one way and bad in other ways

  17. 30 mg of Zinc picolinate day helped me get rid of insomnia

  18. Chlorella contains everything a person needs and is the most absorbable.

  19. When a supplement is in a food matrix it will be used by the body chemistry . When not in a food matrix is when you have wasted your money especially minerals !

  20. The only supplements you need ? Sounds like we need them all !

  21. So what are the only supplements i need?

  22. Just because there's no supplement for sleep doesn't somehow proof that sunshine is important or everyone really needs to be social.

  23. I love his voice, I usually go to sleep listening to his videos. So handsome too

  24. Good overall with some important information.

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