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Natural Cures Colloidal Silver

Natural Cures Colloidal Silver

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We use colloidal silver as an all natural cure for pink eye, all kinds of skin rashes, and much more. Chemical free healing- PLEASE click this link to subscribe, Thanks 😉


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30 gedachten over “Natural Cures Colloidal Silver

  1. Used it for years! Love it! Even used it when a Mozambiquen Cobra spit in my dog's eye

  2. If you take anything in massive doses it will cause you harm

  3. God has sent Dr Adewale to help people out from this horrible Virus. I was diagnosed with HSV for 3 years, a few months ago a friend introduced me to Dr Adewale on YouTube, and I only took his natural treatment for 15 days, and I totally got cured permanently.


  5. Keeps the good work Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube, the universe needs to know about your cure a lot of people here in the USA has this virus

  6. I was going through pains while I contracted HSV2 and then I came across how Dr Ono used his medication to cure the sick and I decided to contact him and he actually cured me.

  7. i never believed in natural cure for Hepatitis until i finally got rid of mine with some natural herbs i got from a herbal Dr ozuka, i lived with this virus for years until i used the herbal medication and now i am cured completely with no sides effect

  8. What a great joy in my heart after getting a cure from Dr. kwaloe on YouTube of my HPV infection. Thank you very much!!

  9. i recommend only Dr Ikpoko on YouTube for your HSV1 and 2 permanent cure cause his 100% legit

  10. Hi everyone Me and my partner just got cured from HSV2 permanently with the help of Dr Ono Herbal Medication On YouTube you can purchase your Meds from him if you are interested

  11. I will forever be grateful to Dr Osaoji on YouTube who helped me get rid my HSV2 with his herbal medicine, i am so happy to have come across you sir

  12. This colodial silver is some of the best stuff I've ever used and your doctor will never ever tell you about it unless he's going to tell you it'll turn you blue which is a lie

  13. This guy who turned blue was drinking over a quart day and he was making it wrong by putting salt in the silver which is toxic

  14. I saw a ferret who had lost all its hair and was a bag of bones completely recover after 3 days of being treated with silver water. True story!

  15. Can you use it for chalazions that you've had for long time?

  16. Doctors is Africa (Dr. Jackie Stone in Zimbabwe) use it with ivermectin for early treatment of Covid-19. Amazing results. Just watch YouTube Hibberd Health.

  17. If it works then how come your acne not clearing up? No offense

  18. If you are suffering from HSV, I urge you to contact Dr Ikpoko on YouTube for a permanent cure with his herbal supplements he sent me to get rid of it.

  19. I have 10 ppm one can I use in nebulizer even though he’s also take pneumonia antibiotics ?

  20. I never allow my doubt to steal my chances of letting Dr Madida on YouTube help me and indeed he didn’t failed me and his medicine did not fail me either in healing my Human papillomavirus.

  21. I heard taking this and putting it on skin can make your skin blue

  22. 1:26 the goat's eye looks a bit blue in the after pic

  23. I always had reoccurring sore blisters, my world seem like what was ending. I thought I would never come out of this nightmare until I heard of Dr Ikpoko on YouTube's remedy to cure. I got skeptical at first because I have tried so many other medications and remedies recommended to me but they never had any effect but when i did more research I saw some testimonies and reviews about this medicine. Since I tried out this remedy I have gotten back my life, I am not here to make ads but help someone who might have gone through this situation trying to get rid of this virus, Dr Ikpoko on YouTube has an answer to with a natural approach.

  24. Why do you say it’s all natural ? It’s like you could say that about anything ?

  25. My dentist recommended this after my extractions for healing and to combat infection a couple of years ago but I only used it for a short period. I take bentonite liquid clay now and then and am assuming the two shouldn't be taken together. Any thoughts on that?

  26. Super amazing with the fast healing i got from using Dr Ogudugu on YouTube roots and herbs product for the HSV.

  27. Thanks so much Dr. Kwaloe On you tube for your kind gesture using your herbal medication got me healed from cold sores

  28. More than critical was my situation, my Human papillomavirus was so complicated. I am glad that I found a Doctor like Dr Madida on YouTube that gave me natural herbal medicine that cured me.

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