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MyProtein Unboxing WITH A DIFFERENCE!

MyProtein Unboxing WITH A DIFFERENCE!

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MyProtein April 2022 Haul. The unboxing with a difference! Today we unbox, taste test and review some brand new products from MP! Clothing worn in the video is also from MPACTIVEWEAR, would you like to see a men’s clothing haul as well? Including a sizing guide for reference? Let me know in the comments below and enjoy the video!

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Always be sure to properly warm up and cool down before and after exercising to reduce the risk of injury, this will allow you to stay in the gym for longer and make gains quicker as a result!

Take care guys and enjoy the video!

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9 gedachten over “MyProtein Unboxing WITH A DIFFERENCE!

  1. First comment love an unboxing !

  2. What’s up guys, check out the giveaway as we do every month! You can enter by using my link and code LSJ on anything MP!

  3. my favorite product is definitely pre workout fruit punch flavor because it tastes like candy i loved when i was a kid!

  4. I find the clothing shrinks in the wash far too easily. Even at 30 deg

  5. My favorite myprotein product is definetly the 6 layerd bars. I bought them as soon as I saw the myprotein hall where you said they were good. I had absolutely no regrets because they are amazing!

  6. Good video Liam,Keep up the good work lad.My favourite myprotein product is pre workout

  7. Hi Liam hope your training in everything is going well for youI am in second month of consistent training, struggling a bit I'm enjoying your videos

  8. My favourite is clear whey gainer

  9. Saw the Krill but like you never really heard of it before so I’m intrigued how you find it but I’m impressed with there pre-workout + with 300mg of caffeine it’s my kind of pre haha MINT

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