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Minoxidil for the Beard (week 19) | Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Dermaroller Update

Minoxidil for the Beard (week 19) | Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Dermaroller Update

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Hey everyone this a video on my update on dermarolling so far plus an introduction of Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the journey and a link to the Jamaican Black Castor Oil I use.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil link:

Dermaroller (0.5mm)

Links where you can get Minoxidil:

Rogaine Minoxidil 5% Foam:


Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Liquid:

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IG: @henreviews

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This video was recorded on Monday April 4th, so this was the beginning of Week 19.

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28 gedachten over “Minoxidil for the Beard (week 19) | Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Dermaroller Update

  1. Do it grows or stimulate growth for beards

  2. People love the smell of Coconut Castor Oil. I put it on and everyone kept asking either “What smells so good” or “You smell like Coconut”

  3. What's good dude, would it be alright to use vaseline intensive care, advanced repair lotion on my face a couple times a week instead of caster oil? My face gets dry af after using liquid minox twice a day… Or would you highly recommend caster oil over the vaseline intensive care lotion for moisturizing?

  4. What do you think. Im trying to do castor oil during day. And minoxidil at night from 7pm until morning. And derma roll twice a week. I have been getting results hairs turning black and alot of baby hair. Just been having patience cause its been a couple months.

  5. So will this stuff make your beard hair terminal?

  6. Can we use off brands that don’t say Jamaican or it’s different ? It only says Castor oil

  7. Iam from switzerland i was used only 1week and i will continue this cream .but this cream really good or no ?how much month wanna for new beard?

  8. can i use coconut oil right after derma rolling ?

  9. Am having very less beard its growimg slow does this product help me to grow

  10. dig the runescape intro

  11. Do you apply the Jamaican Black Castor Oil before or after Minoxidil?Should you not apply it for a while after dermarolling? Or does it not matter?Also, aren't you supposed to heat the Oil before applying it? That's what I've read pretty much everywhere.

  12. Hi, that's a good result, I've been using minoxidil for 5 month now ( 5 bottle ) plus 1 rogaine foam and also starting using derma roller but my beard grow is quite slow, lots of patchy area. Need recommendation, which is better for you, minoxidil or this Jamaican black castor? really need your suggestion..thank you very much 🙂

  13. Can I apply the castor oil after dermarolling ?

  14. How often did you apply the oil?

  15. I put on minoxidil and after it dry up I put on jbco

  16. Any problem for minoxidil beard shaving

  17. Which product I can use to grow my beard

  18. No need for the f word brother

  19. Where i can buy I'm in Tanzania country

  20. Your choice of music, BRAVO sir! LOL

  21. This an epic journey I’ve been on minoxidil for about 2 months

  22. Can I use the coconut oil on my minoxidil beard journey as a moisture ?

  23. How long after dermarolling can you apply minoxidil? And how long after your last minoxidil application do you have to wait before dermarolling?I just started using minoxidil 3 days ago so hopefully my gains will be as much as yours

  24. How long do vellus hairs take to turn terminal when I started minox I got vellus hairs basically every where all over my face showing I won’t I have any past he’s hopefully but then I shaved completely and then they turned dark but r still vellus just darker than before now a week into it. How long till the turn terminal do you think? And should I shave again ?

  25. Hey man quick question I have the Jamaican black castor oil extra dark by sunny isle is it ok to use ,like no dht blockers?

  26. This is exactly what I've been doing, minoxidil, dermaroller and castor oil and to help it even more, I'm adding 200 mg of test cypionate a weekResults have been great so far!

  27. All u needed was a bald cat and the Dr evil intro would of been complete

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