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Mega Gelatin Protein Treatment for Wavy Hair

Mega Gelatin Protein Treatment for Wavy Hair

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Hey guys! Is your curl/wave falling out super quickly, is your hair frizzier and duller than normal, does you hair feel wet even though it is dry? Well I have the solution for you! lol! It might be time to do a good ole protein treatment! Please watch the whole video! There are a lot of tips and tricks and info. Thank you for watching!

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24 gedachten over “Mega Gelatin Protein Treatment for Wavy Hair

  1. I like the music at minute 10

  2. How often do you do a gelatin treatment each month? I have protein hungry fine high porosity hair.

  3. How does this compare with using fermented rice water? Do you find one is better than the other? I've only tried fermented rice water which my hair loves.

  4. What hair colour you use??actually love your hair colour

  5. Great video as always definitely giving this treatment a go

  6. Not sure you’ll see this since it’s from a year ago but how often do you do these treatments? I did it a few weeks ago & my hair LOVED IT.

  7. Your bad hair looks like my good hair. Wow.

  8. What modifications should I make to this process if I don't have a Hot Head, just a regular shower cap?

  9. I would say that the Tres Luxe curling cream is way more perfumey than that Shea Moisture deep conditioner

  10. I did it without the deep conditioner. My hair LOVED IT!For reference, my hair HATED the rice water rinse.

  11. Hey. Which heat cap have you used? Its amazon link plz…. Or suggest some good ones that i may buy

  12. With the new formula containing wax, would you recommend another alternative?

  13. I'm giggling throughout the SOTC. Gorgeous, juicy and clean healthy hair! LOVE it!

  14. Amazing natural haircolor you have, Courtney. Wonderfully Designed !!!!

  15. I've always watched her videos, and I noticed that her hair in this video definitely looks curlier. Trying this!

  16. Do you know if the formula for the shea has changed? Is it still ok to use or is there something else I should look at? Thanks!

  17. I love your personality anf your music so much! You’re so nice 🙂

  18. I have moisture overload but I dont know what protein product is right for me as I never used protein before, any recommendation? I dont like rice water rinse 🙁

  19. Can I use my collagen peptide powder supplement vital protein instead of a gelatin pack?

  20. Thanks for this video. I couldn’t figure out what happened to my big bouncy curls. They were stringy, frizzy and fell out by day two. This started after my last cut, I expected more curl with less weight! One gelatin treatment and they are back!

  21. I will try this or aPHogee. I just bought 3 types of edible jello love the stuff.

  22. Very nice hair! I have no idea what I'm doing yet but your results look good so I'll try it. Is hygral fatigue something that can happen if you wetyour hair too much with water or just moisturizer?

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