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Make Oatmeal Milk & Honey Milk Bath Soak, Great for Skin!

Make Oatmeal Milk & Honey Milk Bath Soak, Great for Skin!

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Make MILK BATH SOAK! Great for Skin!! Oatmeal Milk & Honey!!! Learn how to make an oatmeal milk & honey bath soak! It’s a very soothing, nourishing, & relaxing milk bath!

RECIPE: 1 cup baking soda, ½ cup citric acid, 1 cup colloidal oatmeal, ½ cup milk powder, ½ cup clay, 1/8 cup titanium dioxide, 1/4 cup honey powder. WET: 2 tablespoons (30 milliliters) fragrance oil, 1 tablespoon (15 milliliters) honey, 2 tablespoons (30 milliliters) oil, & 2 ounces of butter. After all is mixed, I added 3 cups of Epsom salt & 1 cup of oats. NOTE: This is a “soft” recipe; it will work no matter what- even if you tweak the ingredients, adjust amounts, leave some out, or even add additional ingredients. You don’t have to add the baking soda & citric acid. But I think the soak disperses ingredients better because the foaming action/pressure pushes the ingredients outward. The titanium dioxide makes the soak opaque, like milk. I used regular milk powder but you can use coconut, goat’s milk, buttermilk. I used kaolin clay, but any clay would be great! For fragrance I used “oatmeal milk & honey love dust” or something like that. It smelled very much like oatmeal, I had to cut it with some warm vanilla sugar. I used jojoba, argon, & vitamin E oils, but again, use whatever you have! I grated cocoa & kokum butter into the mix, but you can use any butter. And, you can microwave it or chop it up into little pieces! It doesn’t matter- this soak will be amazing no matter what! RESULTS: I made this recipe because I’ve had a full-body rash for the last week & have been itching so bad! But, I’d use this soak no matter what, No rash needed! It’s an amazing soak that’s beneficial, nourishing, relaxing, etc.! You’ll love it!!

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0: 00 – Intro
0: 23 – Ingredients
2: 49 – Packaging
3: 28 – Results

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Tea Bags Cotton Drawstring 6×8” –
Coconut milk powder –
Whole Milk Powder –
Colloidal Oatmeal –
Organic Rolled Oats –
Cocoa Butter –
Kokum Butter –
Vitamin E Oil –
Jojoba Oil –
Argan Oil –
Kaolin Clay –
Honey Powder –
Epsom Salts 10 lb. –
Epsom Salts 5 lb. –
Titanium Dioxide –
FOR LISETTE!!! Foot Peel Mask – or 3

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21 gedachten over “Make Oatmeal Milk & Honey Milk Bath Soak, Great for Skin!

  1. Omg i know that milk/oatmeal bath is so soothing, and have your skin so soft. I love me some milk bath baby. Great video.

  2. Cant wait to try this thanks for sharing your recipes

  3. Oh wow I really like this ty for the recipe. Do you have anything for extremely dry cracked feet to soak for pedicures?

  4. What milk powder did you use please? As I use coconut milk but I’m not getting this nice milky colour….. help! Xxx

  5. You had hives hun mine started the same way..probly something u ate and i soaked in colloidal oatmeal n lukewarm to cool water helps .. I had it for a month and never found out what I was allergic to but it was something I took internally but I'm sure the best joke you just made right here would work way better than the oatmeal I soaked and you just can't use hot water cuz it makes it spread and makes you more itchy

  6. Wow this look so milky and lovely i can’t wait to make some for a lovely relaxing bath, but I do have one question I’ve never heard of honey powder before is that something a health food shop would have?

  7. Hi is there any reason you don’t use the butter milk powder any more ? I bought some because of your last video

  8. Thank you so much for showing how to make the oatmeal milk and honey bath soak. It really does help with my dry skin.

  9. What does titanium dioxide do? Is it optional? Does it just make the bomb white? If I added a scent that is high in vanilla, would the bath bomb still stay white? Sorry, I've never used titanium dioxide before…

  10. Can you do a coconut/ lavender or coconut and hibiscus bath bomb?

  11. Th I have a nice that has really really bad allergies and skin issues. I am so making this for her. 🙂

  12. Would you reccomend this for kids? And if yes starting from what age? If not, is there anything we should tweak in the recipe to make it kid friendly?

  13. Omg I would love to make this milk oatmeal bath stuff I know it make the skin soft too

  14. Titanium dioxide has been implicated in hormonal changes that can cause infertility. Please reconsider using that ingredient. We really don't need bright white bath bombs or white water.

  15. Hi, I love your stuff!!! What is the shelf life? Just wondering because of the honey. Thank you

  16. I love your stuff. Thank you! The “Results” that you always show are an amazing feature that many channels do not. Q: I made this and put it in a jar but it went hard after a week. Is there a way to prevent this or is there a better recipe for jarred milk bath. THANK YOU 🙂

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