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Magnesium Stearate: Toxic or Safe?

Magnesium Stearate: Toxic or Safe?

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What is magnesium stearate, and is it safe? Find out.

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Today we’re going to talk about magnesium stearate, which is a common ingredient in many supplements.

Magnesium stearate is a common flow agent. A flow agent allows powder to flow through manufacturing machines as they make certain supplements. A flow agent also allows pills to move through the GI system a little bit better and increases the absorption of the ingredients in the body a little bit better.

Magnesium stearate is classified as GRAS (generally recognized as safe). In a report from the National Center for Biotechnology, they stated that taking up to 2,500mg of magnesium stearate per kg of body weight was considered safe. This means that a person who weighs about 150 pounds could consume 170,000mg of magnesium stearate a day and still be within the safe zone.

But, on average, the amount of magnesium stearate that would be in one capsule is only 4-8mg. When you take magnesium stearate, it breaks up into magnesium and stearic acid.

Benefits of magnesium:
• It supports the heart
• It supports the muscles
• It helps you feel calmer (it’s good for anxiety)
• It supports sleep
• It helps build ATP (which gives you more energy)

Stearic acid is common in a person’s diet. It’s a regular fatty acid that can be metabolized for energy or turned into cellular membranes. The average female consumes about 5700mg of stearic acid every day, while the average male consumes about 8200mg of stearic acid a day. The magnesium stearate you get from supplements is 800x less than what you’re already getting from your diet.

Stearic acid is found in:
• Animal fats
• Butter
• Lard
• Vegetable oils
• Cocoa butter


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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand magnesium stearate.

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27 gedachten over “Magnesium Stearate: Toxic or Safe?

  1. Dr Berg digs up real gems amongst the sawdust.

  2. Can too much of it break your fast?

  3. He is not a doctor you silly people ask ur doctor if you are on some medication his advice make it worst

  4. @nirvana rupawan.. can you kindly share details of MSM supplements that you use and for how long?

  5. Thank you for explaining clearly

  6. Please send English subtitles for this movie

  7. Are there any major differences between magnesium sterate vs magnesium glycinate?

  8. Magnesium Stearate is used to lubricate machines that produce supplements. It is made from hydrogenated oils that in contact with the machines tend to accumulate heavy metals. These can make up 5% of a 1000mg capsule. I think it's a matter of context. Source is everything.

  9. hhmmm just watched a video that says it coats the main product and so it is not absorbed . true or not ? conflicting information

  10. Great info. I was looking into buying supplements and was hesitant because of some of the additives and this has put my mind at ease. Do you know if Silicon Dioxide is considered safe?

  11. Looking for the right magnesium to order, saw this ingredient & had to find out what Dr. Berg said about it. Thanks.

  12. there is a difference between Mg-stearate and stearic acid Mg-stearate is hard to detox from the liver see but stearic acid is good for the body. so, the question we should be asking is what is the health effect of magnesium stearate on the body not stearic acid?

  13. I prefer the pure bulk supplements. No fillers, just the supplement I want.

  14. What about the claims that is can be used by pathogens to form biofilm? And is magnesium stearate structurally different from magenium, or stearic acid alone?

  15. I’m very concerned: “Magnesium Stearate is not an ingredient you want in your supplements. According to a 1990 study, this additive causes the collapse of cell membrane integrity and was shown to suppress the action of T-cells, a key component of the immune system. Because magnesium stearate is in so many supplements, if you are taking a variety containing this excipient, it may pose a risk to your health. The study indicates that “high amounts of magnesium stearate act as an immunosuppressor.” Magnesium stearate is not an essential substance in manufacturing supplements, although eliminating it increases costs for supplement companies and affects their bottom line. Read labels, be your own advocate and seek out supplement companies that put your health top of mind over their profit margins.”

  16. Thank you for this video!!I was starting to lose hope but this has opened up more choices for supplements.

  17. What about magnesium carbonate, I love to eat it.

  18. Great Educational Informational Data Dr.EricBerg,Dr.HunterAgoldbi

  19. So you will have a problem if you have a problem with the enzymes. If you don't have enzymes to break it down?

  20. Hi Dr. Berg. Just wondering if there was any difference/significance between synthetic and natural stearic acid?

  21. most of my supplement contain magnesium stearate thank God its safe thank you dr berg for the information

  22. I am very aware of what I eat since suffering from IBS a few years ago. I recently changed to a different vitamin D and have been feeling shaky and weak. I thought maybe it was the magnesium stearate which wasn't in the one I had been taking, but from what you're saying that is unlikely. In hindsight, I have been taking a magnesium with stearate in it and didn't have a problem.The new vitamin D also contains modified cellulose gum which apparently can affect gut bacteria and promote metabolic syndrome. Maybe this is the culprit?

  23. Just bought the K2 supplement that you recommended, it has magnesium stearate in it (my wife wanted me to do more research before taking it. This is all the info I need). Thanks again Dr. Berg

  24. Magnesium Stearate is a poison Eric Berg is is a liar sadly

  25. What about silicon dioxide and all the other fillings in medicine?

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