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Magnesium Powder Explosion, Brightest thing you have ever seen

Magnesium Powder Explosion, Brightest thing you have ever seen

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Burning airborne magnesium powder is really bright and hot 😀 Don’t try this at home! Powder fires are really dangerous and they should be left for professionals to demonstrate

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27 gedachten over “Magnesium Powder Explosion, Brightest thing you have ever seen

  1. And yes I know that the chemical equation on thumbnail is wrong, my editing software didn't understand the O with the small number bottom of the font thingy so it's now up 😀

  2. Y'all should propel the powder with compressed oxygen bet that would be impressive

  3. Awesome magnesium powder looked like mini nuke mushroom cloud lol

  4. Now you can make home made flash bang:)

  5. We used to do something like this when I was a kid. Can't remember exactly what we did, but it involved magnesium and PET bottles. I think we lighted a small fire and throwed the bottle in there. However it was done, it was BRIGHT, and lit everything around it on fire.

  6. The welding goggles made me think of the line "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark… and we're wearing sunglasses."

  7. This video was a really bright idea… Thank you, I'll show myself out.

  8. I like how the concern about the (extremely negligible) environmental impact implies a bit of magnesium powder is deadly enough to warrant commentary. But I get it. There's always someone in the comments of food videos who gets extremely offended that someone threw out an apple core, because starving kids in Africa would somehow benefit if it were put to use… Gotta cater to ignorance.

  9. Anni looks very happy with the silly goggles

  10. Get an old VW engine case and ignite it with a road flare (or any other intense flame)…you will have a fire like the sun for about 30mins

  11. Wet magnesium powder goes even better

  12. The Wudewasa are really pissed now!

  13. You may also enjoy some powered titanium or titanium granules with magnesium.

  14. You look like Bain from Batman! Lol

  15. Would be cool if you recreated something like the 5m dynamite stick but have it be half c4 half dynamite.

  16. You did not explain what you lit and how you lit it.

    Not informative

  17. I wasn't really paying attention to the extra content, looked over at youtube just in time to see what appeared to be a dead cat flying through the air. Ya'll never stop surprising me…

  18. This is pretty cool, but it doesn't hold a candle (sorry I couldn't resist lol) compared to adding an oxidizer into the magnesium. Potassium Nitrate or Perchlorate (If you can get it) will really liven things up if mixed at a 60:40 oxidizer/fuel ratio. I make super stars (it's what I call them, they're essentially firework stars but they're the size of golf balls) with this mix and form large balls or cylinders by adding 5% clear resin epoxy as a binder, and mold them to shape, then I shoot them from a propane powered potato cannon which ignites them. They light up the night like you wouldn't believe, and they burn for a couple seconds, way longer than normal size stars (which are somewhere about the size of a pea, up to a marble in most fireworks). Setting off large piles of the stuff at night will literally blind you for a while, and is way brighter than magnesium in air.

  19. Figure out with the ISS is overhead, and light one off when they're overhead. I bet they could see it. Impressive. Oh, and Annie always has the coolest pants. Is there a word that describes the opposite of camouflaged? Yeah, that word.

  20. Magnesium is extremely dangerous and could attack at any time

  21. 0:55 Magnesium is extremely dangerous when it gets on fire (so we have to deal with it) 🙂 p.s. Love the new intro!

  22. Colomee, COX, UX.. kABOOOM

  23. When are you going to do Phosphorus?

  24. Ever try this with confectioners sugar? You know, the very finely powdered sugar?

  25. Magnesium burns in ultraviolet

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