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Magnesium for Hypertension, Headaches, Insomnia & Chronic Fatigue | Doc Cherry

Magnesium for Hypertension, Headaches, Insomnia & Chronic Fatigue | Doc Cherry

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Doctor of Physical Therapy ( Utica, New York)/ Licensed Physiotherapist in the Philippines and United States/ Clinician/ Content Creator/ Speaker

This channel also aims to create Physical Therapy awareness and offer its benefit to the public.
The medical information herein is to be used as a guide and in no way should replace personal consultation from a licensed medical professional.

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26 gedachten over “Magnesium for Hypertension, Headaches, Insomnia & Chronic Fatigue | Doc Cherry

  1. Which among the 9 symptoms mentioned above have you experienced?

  2. Thank you doc Che for sharing this other info,,,I always had a severe headache lately.

  3. Excellent demonstration on magnesium deficiency thanks Doc stay blessed very informative and simple to understand

  4. Magnesium by Dok Alternatibo is very good.

  5. New subscriber here. Love your video. Doc what type of magnesium will you recommend?

  6. thank you very much the health tips doc cherry.

  7. Doc pede ba ako mag take ng magnesium I have hypertension anxiety ang hypertension ko na gamot low dosage lng nereceta sakin ng doctor ko 6.25mg carvedilol blocker

  8. Doc mababa bp ko 108/75 bakit doc parang may tumutosok sa batok ko pa wla wla po babalik pero normal naman blood ko about cholesterol uminom ako ng sivastatin hangang 3 moths daw pero ayoko doc ano ba dapat gawin naka inom ako doc simvastatin pero hangang 1month lng na inom ko kasi wla ng pera ginawa ko nag exercise ako at home

  9. Doc idol kita kasi Yong explanation mo madaling lng maintindihan mganda ka ka mag explain god bless sayo doc cherry

  10. tnx doc…im on my statin right now bec. of high cholesterol with 240 more than maximum of 200.

  11. pwede po ba sa acidic ang magnesium supplement?

  12. Good Job Doc. Cherry, (God Bless you & Family)Keep It Up

  13. Hi and good day Doc Cherry. Am drinking malunggay boiled leaves for more than 3 months now, am diabetic and I noticed my sugar, cholesterol and uric acid went down. does malunggay contain magnesium? or do I have to still buy the medicine? am 72yrs old, female. thank you and Godbless!

  14. Doc Cherry is there any vitamins for this Doc.. Lahat ng sinasabi mo ay andito sa akin.. My hands, bones lalo na sa likod.. At ang tulog ko so hirap.. Help. Me.



  16. Thanks doc cherry for the wonderful information watching from Saudi Arabia ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Thank you doc Cherry.
    I have Insomnia and also suffering from RLS should I take magnesium? Which type of magnesium should I take? I am 63 years old. Thank you. God bless.

  18. I always suffer from muscle cramps sa binti…cguro may magnesium deficiency ako…

  19. Doc good evening po con pwedi po tagalog lang ang pagpalewanag mo mo para maintindihan namin lahat salamat po,

  20. doc may marecomend po ba kayo magnesium na nabibili sa mga drugstore?

  21. Ngaun am suffering to this chronic body pains. I even thinking than I am going to die now because of this unbearable pains all over my body. Thanks to this informative vlog

  22. Morning Doc Cherry,i'm 65 yrs.old.I have insomnia and diabetis.need for your advise.thank you.

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