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Magnesium and Vitamin D: Interesting Relationship

Magnesium and Vitamin D: Interesting Relationship

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Learn about this interesting relationship between magnesium and vitamin D.

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0: 27 Magnesium deficiency symptoms
1: 18 How magnesium and vitamin D work together
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In this video, we’re going to talk about a very important relationship between magnesium and vitamin D.

You need magnesium to fully absorb vitamin D. Magnesium assists in the activation of vitamin D in the liver and kidneys.

This means that if you’re magnesium deficient, you can easily become vitamin D deficient, which can lead to skeletal problems, cardiovascular problems, mood issues, inflammation, and metabolic syndrome.

Just as magnesium is vital for vitamin D activation, vitamin D is essential for stimulating the absorption of magnesium. These two nutrients work synergistically to support a healthy body.

This doesn’t mean that you have to take magnesium and vitamin D at the same time. Your body can store magnesium and vitamin D for when you need them. It’s essential to keep your overall magnesium and vitamin D levels normal.


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Thanks for watching. I hope this helped explain how magnesium and vitamin D work together to support your body. I’ll see you in the next video.

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29 gedachten over “Magnesium and Vitamin D: Interesting Relationship

  1. My doctor put me onto Duromine a little over three months ago which helped me to reduce my appetite but didn't do much towards weight loss. Then about three weeks ago I noticed some swelling in my feet and decided to get into the magnesium for a few days, almost immediately I started to notice my energy rise, a reduction in the time I needed to sleep, and weight coming off faster with less effort. I also take Vitamin D daily.

  2. can i take both vitamins at the same time? please let me know dr Berg

  3. I have experimented a fair bit with magnesium and vitamin D. Vitamin D absorbs a lot better when you’re taking the right amount and type of magnesium.

  4. So I've learned from Dr Alan Mandel on youtube channel that taking vit D3 with evening meal will affect your sleep .I would like to hear your opinionBasically when I increased my vit D3 as suggested I lost enormous amount of sleepI stopped and it became regulatedAnyone else knows??

  5. Vitamin D makes my joints ache really badly

  6. Thanks Doctor Berg for this info and video I have learned from you a lot be blessed and Godbless

  7. The Miracle of Magnesium book started my incredible journey of vitamin and supplements. Bye bye Charlie horses! Bye bye monthly sore breasts!

  8. dr berg can you do a video on your thoughts about colloidal and ionic silver?

  9. And don't forget that you also need K2 with D3 and some fats like coconut oil or avocados, nuts, etc.

  10. How long does it take to recover from vitamin d defiency

  11. I take vitamin supplements but I don’t see a difference for 2 months

  12. I see no mention of epsom salt baths here in the comments … that's yet another way to get magnesium.

  13. Hello Doctor! Thanks for sending me here! What's the dosage I should order? Of magnesium

  14. Minerale kitchen salt contains less of Na sodium, instead it contains K potassium and Mg magnesium. Very useful for ketosians and vitam D… its just to be sure you do salt your food… minerale water is good to, esp on hot days.

  15. How much of each do I take because i hear u can get kidney stones ?

  16. Sooo wouldn't it be recommended to take vitamin D3 and Magnesium together? Yes

  17. Which form magnesium does dr berg recommend?

  18. Sir shall i take magnesium and vitamind d tablets togethe?

  19. Best form of Magnesium to take?

  20. I wonder what the ratio would be? I’m using 10,000iu d3 at a time

  21. For 2 weeks I had twitching under my right eye and sharp pains in my toes and feet. I was desperate; found this video, took Magnesium and Vitamin D this morning. 1 1/2 hours later I realized my eye wasn't twitching anymore. Still slight pain in my feet, but I only took half the amount of Magnesium. Tomorrow I will take the full amount. Thanks Dr. Berg.

  22. Dr please how long i can take magnesium and vitamin d 3

  23. Hello sir Whenever I take vitamin d as supplement or sun bath ..My face becomes dull .I do not feel good . My vitamin d level always under the standard value .. My job is sitting job .. Is it magnesium deficient causing this ? Should I go for check mg test ? Thank u

  24. Can i take magnesium supplement while i have all the symptoms of magnesium deficiency including muscle twitch,irregular heartbeat at night,osteomalacia(which is improving as i take d3 but keeps coming back when i try to stop d3) ,morning sickness/stiffness, slight decline in memory but the controversy is that I have low blood pressure 90/60 or sometimes 100/70 or 110/60 which is slightly lower. Can i take atleast 125 mg of magnesium supplement day. And so far I have never taken Mg supplements so there is no chance that I might have enough or excess Magnesium. Hoping to get your reply, because I have bought a Magnesium supplement but not sure if I should take or not.

  25. Def helped with my Depression

  26. Can i take magnesium and vitamin d at same time or same day ?

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