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This recipe is intended to glow, brighten and nourish the kids skin. It will will help clear off any sort of skin rashes, krokro, spots and help their skin glow with the natural oils and powders added to the butter.

This recipe is what I use on my kids skin and it does not contain any harsh product or lightening chemical but ingredients suitable for children’s skin. Be sure to seek the advice of a skincare doctor before trying this recipe on your child’s skin. Note some kids might be allergic to oils or butter so may ur enquiry and know your child’s skin as well.

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  1. This is beyond kids body butter. this is adult anti aging glowing body butter well done sis

  2. Pls where can I get those (ingredients) items

  3. How can i extract the blueberry powder

  4. This is so ideal for the family.Well done,Sis

  5. What can i use to replace the mulberry?

  6. Anti ageing oils and turmaric for kids? Madame pls change the caption to anti ageing before somebody's kid gets a reaction.

  7. Where can I get all these oils?

  8. Ma please where can I get the ingredient

  9. Woow best I have seen so far. Must try it out.

  10. Your explanation on your videos are very clear and understanding. I always watch your videos on my tv.

  11. Can I use this on my 4 years old girl

  12. dont tumeric burn.. it is a spice. i would not use that in there especially on a baby .. good video but pleas all be careful with mixing products

  13. Nice i enjoy your tutorial thanks i will try making it for my kids have a blessed night god blessings to you and family be safe

  14. God bless you ma,pls what is that white powder you added last?

  15. Pls can I use coconut oil instead of Palm oil

  16. Pls ma, can I buy the cream from you? Like much can i get it?

  17. please kindly outline the ingredients used

  18. My question is that which palm oil ma, it is normal palm oil bcos am confused ma

  19. Very lovely Do you have to add preservative to make it last longer?

  20. I know how disappointed she's gonna be when she discovered it's not ice cream what can we do my little girl it's not ice cream, body butter is gonna make you look like one with caramel toppings .i love kids

  21. Nice one ma. Can I use this on my new born baby?

  22. Hi,What type of mulberry powder do we use?

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