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Ireland, vitamin D report

Ireland, vitamin D report

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Report on addressing Vitamin D deficiency as a public health measure in Ireland.


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The Joint Committee on Health

The Committee heard evidence that Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent across the population and the report recommends that public health measures are established to address that deficiency. These public health measures are preventative in nature and are recommended to reduce the risk of respiratory and other illnesses such as osteoporosis.

1 That daily Vitamin D supplementation of 20-25µg/day should be recommended to the entire adult population as a public health measure,

higher doses recommended for vulnerable groups under medical supervision.

2 That a public health policy, which promotes better knowledge of the benefits of Vitamin D, and which encourages Vitamin D supplementation, should be developed in time for consideration in Budget 2022.

3 That reducing the cost of Vitamin D supplementation, in order to promote its uptake, should be considered.

4 That specific measures need to be put in place for vulnerable groups, and for frontline and healthcare workers,

so that Vitamin D supplementation is administered on an opt-out basis,

and for the duration of this pandemic, people should be offered Vitamin D supplements when presenting at Covid-19 test centres.

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  1. I approached my dr about vitamin d3. But doctors here in America really are not aware of any of this. I was shocked. The research I have read states that at certain latitudes it is not possible to get vitamin d from sun. Most of the US and all of Canada just have to supplement with vitamin d3. But no one is talking about it here. It is so cheap. It is criminal not to tell patients this.

  2. I take vitamin D3, Vitamin C slow release, Zinc and magnesium – and selenium daily. Plus olive oil. I'm sure there are many other popular supplements out there. What do you take to boost your immune system that could benefit others?

  3. The people's wellbeing should be the main agenda of any government. Proud of the the Irish who actually talked about this in parliament level. Keep on choosing the right government for for the well being of the people.

  4. 21:10 how sad am I that I used the difference in the units to calculate the mass of Vitamin D to be roughly 400amu?

  5. About covid cases, on the FDA's website it say's, Positive results do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease, SARS-CoV-2 RNA, Qualitative Real-Time RT-PCR (Test Code 39433) Package Insert

  6. I still think there is a hangover (in Britain), from the panic??? reaction to skin cancer – rammed down our throats at every weather forecast on BBC TV for years – without excepting brown-skinned people from the advice. So far (18minutes) into Dr Cambell's piece, he hasn't mentioned skin colour, but surely as the white skin of 'the Irish' & 'the British' bears testament, we have evolved to glean as much Vitamin D from our watery sunshine (we seem paler than our near neighbours on continental Europe too), you shouldn't tar us all with the same brush (sorry for the phrase)…. dark-skinned people are in much more need of supplement (at last you mention it John THANK YOU!) no need for political correctness in this story! p.s. as soon as it became evident that Indian and Black people were in more danger from covid than whites in Britain … then there was always the possibility that Vit.D was a factor (as I bored my black and brown friends about), but I do think there is a reluctance to actually analyse ethnical differences during the pandemic, the same lack of honestly for fear of being labelled racist that has stifled various open conversations in other fields apart from Covid recently.

  7. Free will is an illusion, your soul, spirit, brain, whatever, is slave to chemicals.

  8. I've known about this information for about 3 years thanks to Dr. Berg on Youtube, he says that 10,000 is just maintenance and if you are more obese you need more. And don't forget to take 100mg of K2 to tell the body to move the calcium from the blood into your bones.

  9. They are blocking me from the video

  10. “Financial Interests taking precedence over Health interests ” – Nothing has changed then…..if anything its worse

  11. Have only just found this video. Very helpful.

  12. Black ASIAN Minority Ethnic – Southeast Asians [the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, etc], Pacific Islanders and Racially-Native American-originating Mexicans and Latinos [non-white / non-european Hispanics of American Indian Ancestry and Descent] are or can be quite a bit darker than Caucasian Europeans and will have trouble processing Vit-D Sunlight in northern climes ..

  13. Guess I am lucky I listen to Joe rogan. He's been talking about vit D for the whole duration of this pandemic, yet he gets criticised for talking about it when it is known to assist in many different aspects of our health….

  14. You might be surprised to hear that vit D deficiency is a problem in Australia despite our abundant sunshine.Enjoy your videos, Lizzie

  15. Imagine if our own personal doctors took one tenth of the time that Dr. Campbell does in his videos to explain stuff to us when we visit them in their offices. I know some do, but feel like many do not. It's a shame. But, it also makes me appreciate this individuals postings that much more! Keep up the in-depth yet easy to understand interpretations of studies, your content is greatly appreciated friend!

  16. I've been takig D3 at 4K IU for years and I live in North Texas at33 degrees North Lat.

  17. At 13.19…had to laugh….let's hope !!

  18. I'm irish and my GP told me to start taking a supplement in Jan 2020 after a blood test showed I was low. I started to take 4,000 iul. I immediately noticed an improved mood, ability to fall asleep more easily & better body temperature regulation in bed (I used to get too hot). I've recently decided to take it continuously all year (I was stopping in summer) because I had surgery a few days ago & I noticed all the symptoms of low VitD were coming back, especially low mood & poor sleep/insomnia. Yesterday I took my first supplement of the summer & now I feel a lot better. More normal mood & I was able to fall asleep easily even though I have stitches. I hope Vit D will help with my op site healing!

  19. Plenty of sunshine places do not need Vitamin D supplement ?

  20. Yes, lets go back to 1965 when we knew so much. Please do something usefull and tell people to get vaccinated…..

  21. Thank you, Dr Campbell, for your videos. I've been following (from Italy) your videos on vitamin D. I've read somewhere that the correct way to take vitamin D supplementation is take it TOGETHER with vitamin K2 and after a meal or it would not be absorbed thoroughly.

  22. @dr Campbell. You’ll be happy to know that our government implemented none of these solid recommendations. None of them. Also you’re pronouncing Oireachtas wrong, it’s actually pronounced clown college.

  23. No vitamin D supplements or info gets offered at test centres in Ireland, writing it is one thing but them doing it is another

  24. Well done Dr John…for the information and the brave attempt to pronounce ‘Oireachtas’! It is pronounced ‘Or Och tus’ although you might have to consider that I am an Irish native instructing you so maybe ‘or’ is pronounced like the letter ‘r’ in an English accent. Great report from the Irish government however it is pronounced.

  25. This is an important report. Thanks for making this presentation.

  26. All they have to do is put vitamin D in the whisky and all will be well, just injuries from fist fighting..

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