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9/29/17 I started taking castor oil at 6pm & started contracting at 11pm.

I suggest mixing the castor oil with a drink instead of taking it by itself.

Have a cup of juice or even pop to swallow done that nasty oily feeling in your mouth!

I took my first walk around 6: 45pm got back at 7pm. I took a hot shower around 10pm because we made s’mores outside. After the shower I was bouncing on my ball for an hour then my husband walked up and down the stairs with me 6 times. Right after that we went for another walk at 11pm got back at 11: 20pm.


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24 gedachten over “INDUCING LABOR AT 38 WEEKS | CASTOR OIL (PART 1)

  1. How many spoons did u take ?

  2. I’m not judging you at all bc I almost did this … but if you know the risks ….. or what could happen why do women do this ? A lot of times baby still comes out healthy but there’s def guaranteed a risk when u do it ……. I’m just curious is all

  3. Can I drink with warm milk?? Please reply soon m 39 weeks 1 day.

  4. I took castor oil, it worked like a week later for me …

  5. In which week we will start Custer oil please reply me???

  6. I see a lot of videos from the state's of people doing this. Do people over there think you get to 40 weeks and your vagina will explode or something? Why does no one there seem to want to go to their due date?

  7. My thing is how hard is it to wait a week or few days shoot your baby might have come in three days how would you know like people be rushing doing the nose

  8. You two are just so funny! Thank you for sharing your video. I am going to try this, but wait is it actually safe? Hmm im so scared! But so ready to pop. Much love guys. Hope your baby girl is loving life!! Xox

  9. The midwives brew worked for me I went into labor 3 hours after drinking it

  10. I take it, it didn’t work?

  11. Idk why u playin with that castor oil. Squeeze ur nose, dont think about it, take 2 hits of the oil then jug down the OJ..promise u'll be takin it like a pro after that.

  12. Im 39 weeks im due d 11 hope everything goes well

  13. I'm 34 weeks and 3 days is it ok for me to drink it I'm 1 1/2 -2 centimeters open

  14. I’m 38 weeks now and I’m trying to see should I try it?

  15. Well you did put like 7 spoons of oil in it.I think I have hired only 4 is what you should do.Good luck tho.

  16. Omg y’all mix it with a smoothie with frozen fruit and stuff that has a creamy consistency!!! You won’t even notice the texture or taste of the oil in a smoothie or shake

  17. Can i use castor oil in lemon juice

  18. Y’all be in the comments asking for medical advice no one can give all she can do is tell you her experience

  19. I would put that in a blender…. 2 tbsp castor oil in 1/2 to 1 cup juice… then have some more plain juice to bring it all down. I would not be able to swallow all that with castor oil in it.

    Then I would eat some peanut/ almond butter to ease the nausea, diarrhea and ill feeling castor oil gives

  20. Drink olive oil from 30wks it makes labour easier and the chid will be healthy too

  21. It worked for me. Had my appointment on a Friday and i was told i wasn't dilating at all.. and I'm 38wks. So I decided to get the castor oil the following day.. Took it at 7pm on a Saturday. Started having run by 9pm. Feeling a little bit of contraction by 10pm. It became worse around 12am. My mucus plug came out around 2:30am. The contractions became so unbearable. Hubby and I decided to go to the hospital. My water broke in the car. When I got to the hospital was already 2cm dilated. An hour later I was 5cm dilated. Few hours later was fully dilated. Had my baby boy 10:04am on Sunday.

  22. can u tell me when should i take castor oil ? right now me in 37th week , i also dun wanna induced by my dr i wana get naturally pls guide ?

  23. My due date is 13th January 2020 , right now me in 37th week plus ,

    When should I start taking it to have natural induction ?
    Best time and with what should I take it ?

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