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If You Have Acne, WATCH THIS Before Taking Antibiotics! 😱💊

If You Have Acne, WATCH THIS Before Taking Antibiotics! 😱💊

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If you have ever visited a dermatologist before you know that one of the main treatments they will recommend is antibiotics. There’s a lot of information about antibiotics and acne that they don’t have time to cover so today I wanted to simplify it and give you crash course on it! If you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up, leave a comment below and subscribe if you haven’t already!

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27 gedachten over “If You Have Acne, WATCH THIS Before Taking Antibiotics! 😱💊

  1. Check out Banish for dealing with acne scars, hyperpigmentation & redness at home (BRIAN5 for $5 off):
    Take Control of Your Skin & Become a Skin Boss:

  2. When my daughter had really bad acne the dr. went strait for the Accutane which she didn't want to go on!! So I did alot of research and found that vitamin B5 causes alot of peoples skin issues!! So we tried it!! That stuff works!! My daughter had really bad acne all over her face!! We tried everything but wanted to go the natural way!! I am not saying that B5 is a cure for acne, everyone is different!! Do your research and do what is best for you!! If you have acne definitely try it!! My daughters skin is beautiful now !! I also told a neighbor and it worked for them!! Be patient it takes about 3 to 4 months to see results!! Have a great day Brian!!!(King of Skin Boss)

  3. omggg u look so healthy and bright!! those acne scars and redness just goneeee

  4. Literally drinking lemon water in the morning, water throughout the day and then peppermint tea+honey+lemon juice has helped clear my acne and also reduce blemishes.

  5. I got given lymecycline capsules, im worried about a damaged gut so I haven't started, also no one has mentioned these capsules before.i take the course and then take probiotics?

  6. Hello Friend how are you? I wanted to ask you if your acne was like this before the treatment ?or the pills made you like this after???

  7. My question is if you have scar is it possible to make it zero or like not at all

  8. Antibiotics helped at first but when I was done it came back worse

  9. Hey man, i've seen your pic in the other video about the book “The clear skin diet”. Does it really help? i hope you'll answer.

  10. I was on acne tablets for nearly 3 years. My doctor was awful . It actually started to cause acne in other areas like my scalp. I recommend that people use it for a short time ( only if necessary!!!)

  11. I went to see a Dermatologist over a month ago and will never go to see one again! She looked at my skin for literally 2 seconds and said I don't know why you have acne but the best thing to do is go onto Accutane for 2 years! My acne wasn't even that bad, just blackheads and congestion! I have learnt more about skin and skincare through Youtube then seeing a Derm!

  12. Hey man I’m a big fan….any chance you could provide information on how to reduce the sebum production in your skin… any vitamins, supplements, foods etc. thank you

  13. Your face now is so clear! You've done a great job getting to the root of your acne! Love how you help others avoid some of the problems that you went through with your acne!

  14. the first time i got a major breakout i went to a family clinic and he gave me antibiotic for a week. It has really really good effects but once my dosage was finish i immediately got back all my breakout two days later. I then got another week of antibiotic and my mother told me that antibiotic doesnt flush out of ur body properly and may have side effects as i got oldershe then recommended me to go to a TCM which the doctor gave me medicine to help clear “toxic” in my body. the results was pretty slow but within a month the effects were there. After two months of this medicine i stop taking it but my breakout didnt return to square one. She told me about diet, water and lifestyle like what brian always says and it work really well6 months later i started to take probiotic pills and it damn it actually stabilise my acne to a next level. Within 3 days of taking i stop getting breakouts and occasionally mini or small pimples.1 month later yesterday i started to use banish to help even out my massive scars. The vitamin c creme works better than thebodyshop tea tree night moisturizer which contains salicylic acid and i cant wait to see the results i have.To me the key take away to how to cure acne is a good diet and lifestyle. Eat lots of veg and fruits, drink lots of plain water. Cut out on sweetened drinks and processed food. Get good product but dont spend too much on it. Lastly, acne doesnt make you ugly and its a blessing in disguise. It has change my lifestyle completely and make me grow as a person in this 9 months of having it. Acne will eventually go away. Now go out there and do what you love, love yourself. #teamacne

  15. Hey, does your code BRIAN5 not work for pumpkin enzyme masque??? :((

  16. Learn about the microbiome, your mind will be amazed.

  17. Does accutane stunt height I just turn 14 and im 5'10 and im supposed to be 6'3 and I dont want to lose my height

  18. Seeing how amazing your skin looks now gives me hope. My acne got so terrible I decided to go to the doctor. I got put on doxycycline along with a topical treatment and the doxycycline gave me terrible headaches 🙁 I decided to stop and my acne is still bad :/

  19. was on doxycyline for about 4 months and it cleared my acne but a year later it came back worse :c

  20. Hey Brian just wondering if you used sunscreen through your course of antibiotics?? I know a side affect of antibiotics is photosensitivity

  21. I’ve been taking it for 8 days and I have seen a HUGE improvement in my skin, but I am also on two topical treatments for morning and night.


  23. Thank you soooo very much @Team acne this was really helpful i appreciate it

  24. I’m really really struggling right now with acne and self esteem and I’ve been on doxycycline for 2 months now but it’s getting worse and worse. I am so frustrated and it’s had detrimental affects on my mental health. I don’t know want to do anymore.

  25. would you need to take probiotic after all of the antibiotic medication has been consumed? or should you be taking probiotics the day after the antibiotics?

  26. Hi I have a question…PLEASE if you can help ..I really need help..I have been dealing with acne for my WHOLE life..since middle has REALLY ruined my life..I am 32 yes old now..and I still deal with has gotten better over the years..but its still very bad..I went to the dermatologist and they have prescribed me with tretinion and doxycycline…which..I will be doing ..BUT this is ONE…of my biggest secrets of mine…PLEASE do not share this…I put on concealer that has salicylic acid on..and it has really helped throughout the years..I dont know how..but I still had redness and scaring and big you think it is ok to put on concealer while on the trestment.?

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