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How to use ALOE VERA OIL for Hair

How to use ALOE VERA OIL for Hair

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Learn how to use Aloe Vera Oil for your hair and in your natural hair routine.

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28 gedachten over “How to use ALOE VERA OIL for Hair

  1. thanks. will have to finally see where i can find this aloe vera leave

  2. Never tried aloe Vera but I hear it is really great and plus there are sooo many uses. Might try it.!

  3. Yes sis that shrinkage was real. I love how knowledgeable you are about the ingredients you are using and I am learning lots from you. Fab video and very informative!

  4. Wow, Thanks for sharing I would defiantly have to use it for hair Growth, I am starting to lose my hair!

  5. How long before you have to discard the oil or throw it away?

  6. Tq sis BT I have the plan 2 use the method daily only on evening then mrng shall we take hair wash ? Orelse want 2 leave as it is?Is it compulsion 2 preserve the method?

  7. K sis. if we prepare the oil now is it necessary 2 keep it in refrigerator orelse no need?

  8. Made my oil today!!! Ok so heres what I did: I chopped up and grinded the aloe vera leaf, using a little over half a leaf (cut the thorns but kept the skin) and used 2 part aloe vera and 1 part EVOO. Simmered for 15-20 mins on low to low-med heat (until the aloe vera was light/golden brown) and then once the oil cooled down I added vitamin e oil and drops of lavender. Next time I make this oil ill be sure to use half EVOO and half black castor oil. I suggest to those wanting to make this oil to have a strainer, funnel, and a big enough bottle for all the oil or something to keep the excess oil until ready to use. I had enough oil for a 6-7oz bottle, but tried to use a 4oz and made a sight mess. I was able to fill a 4oz and 2oz bottle with the rest wasted. Side note: I decided to go on a Hair Challenge today (I already take liquid biotin, moisturize with aloe vera juice daily, and keep my hair in some type of protective style. I figured why not add a few other things and make it a interesting challenge) until atleast 106 days from now (Year 1 Hair Anniversary) or until 150 days from now (26th bday is 161 days from now and want something to look forward too). As of today I have 4.5+ inches of growth since Dec11. Hopefully I can get 1inch/month or 4-5 in 150 days.

  9. Hello DiscoveringNatural,I am learning a lot in your channel, thank you for sharing.I wanted to ask something as I did the aloe vera oil with the first way to do it according to the video on the 3 ways to do it.Do we have to store it in the fridge? Because mine is in the bathroom where I store everything hair related.Thank you

  10. This is my 3rd week waiting for my aloe vera and soon i will be using it.I used the second and third method and I will put essential oilsI am just confuse Can I used it after shower?and wash it on other day ?pleasethankyou so much

  11. Does Tolani's hair like aloe vera?

  12. My daughter is your hair twin. The shrinkage IS amazing! Going to try aloe Vera oil

  13. Which method of the oil did you use for your hair. And how often do you do it

  14. Hi can boys use this for hair loss ? I am going to try the first method after your reply.Did anyone give it a try and tell me the result? Thanks

  15. My daughter have dry hair can I use it for her thanks for sharing

  16. Gotta pass it on, Love it!!!!!

  17. can it be apply on corn rows hair and did u rinse it out

  18. The second method. How do you apply it to the hair? Because it solidified?

  19. Thank you so much for sharing, I locked my hair a few months ago and was looking for a natural way to keep them moisturized, I saw your video for making aloe vera oil. I made mine and love it, I use it on my face also.

  20. How do i store the oil, how long does it last? Do i need to add a preservative if i want it to last?

  21. Which cream moisturizer do you use?

  22. Will the heated method oil work on my Latina hair?

  23. Where can I buy those bottles? Thank you for this very informative video

  24. Can it be use on a perm hair too?

  25. Does this helps in reversing grey hair?

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