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How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone and EMF Radiation

How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone and EMF Radiation

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John from shares with you how you can protect yourself from cell phones, wireless, smart meters, wifi and EMF radiation.

In this episode, you will learn how to avoid these Electric and magnetic fields and minimize the effects of these external stressors in your life.

First, John will give you his free tips on how to minimize your exposure, and then share with you a smartDOT and how it may help with Electromagnetic Sensitivity Symptoms.

During this episode, you will discover some symptoms that may be associated with EMF sensitivities.

Last part of this episode, John will interview Dr. Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D about several books she has written including:
Sunscreen Biohazard and EMF Freedom.

You will learn more about how Sunscreens are considered a Biohazard and how they are damaging the coral reefs of the world, and how they may damage your health. You will learn a better way to protect yourself from the sun by eating certain foods.

Next, Dr. Plourde will talk about EMF Freedom, and some of the health challenges people may have using cell phones, wifi, computers, wireless phones, having a smart meter on their house.

You will learn what EMF does to your body on a cellular level and how to protect yourself from this potential damage.

You will learn about some of the laws in Europe about Cell Phones and Wifi and why kids are not allowed to use cell phones and wifi in certain countries.

You will learn more about the SmartDOT and BioDOT and how it may help to mitigate the effects of EMF and Cell Phones.

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28 gedachten over “How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone and EMF Radiation

  1. Good info and blessed

  2. That thing is a scam, it will not protect you sorry…

  3. I'm planning to buy a Tesla Shield from Life Technology! Also properly made Orgone generators can be helpful!

  4. wifi is in schools for population control, it's as simple as that… all the higher ups in big tech are all masons who don't care about natural life! they want to usher in AI and merge man with machine so they can have the ultimate control over humanity

  5. i sleep next to wifi every night and i dont feel shit.

  6. I also found one of the best EMF protectors blocks the EMF radiation spreading through electronic gadgets like cell phone, laptops, etc. with proven test results in conducted in various labs and found very interesting to see this technology actually works and helps you to protect from radiation damage. I really felt great after using the Vortex BioShield products. you can also gather more information about the product on this link:

  7. Does smart dot really work and where can you buy this?

  8. Modern day snake oil…don't be fooled and keep your money. Simply use your wifi less, or here's a wild idea – turn off your wifi altogether while sleeping and all the other times you are not using your devices…also, place your cell phone in the farthest point in your home while you sleep.There you go, I just saved you all from the classic snake oil salesperson…and money!

  9. I read that if you put your phone on airplane mode its ok, but then if you put it on wifi, are you still getting emfs ?

  10. Time to evolve humanity not keep oppressing it Globalgreens . org where humanity could come back where ever home may be….

  11. Non of this will matter because when 5g is put in there will be no remedies or anything to protect us.

  12. Analog meter is illegal here (suposedly, says technition)…they put a no RF digital meter, it does not turn off…even when the powers off. Its better but not great. Anti oxidents are good but nothing worked until I got out of cell tower range, no cell service here. Still bothers me to drive by them or drive by smart meters but its better, its called desaturation effect ,desaturate your body from radiation to calm the DNA and let it recover, it takes full 6-8 weeks with nothing RF around you to start healing from EMF/RF sensitivies.

  13. Hi John! I wanted to ask how you manage computer time with all the EMFs & bluelights as you have multiple businesses plus YT channels which require a lot of uploading, editing, etc.? I am very EMF sensitive and can't spend much time on my laptop even though I have it at a distance, wired keyboard and mouse, Iris app, blue blockers, EMF mitigating devices and an ethernet connection. Thanks so much!

  14. so ridiculous ! Snake oil salesmen for weak minded new age idiots

  15. You idiot those are a scam and have already been proven to do absolutely nothing. There is proof on YouTube if you bothered to look.

  16. John, you never made the follow up video you promised to inform us if you experienced any benefit from the SmartDOT.

  17. Totalitarianism ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  18. Dear OKRAW please contact us: Thanks!

  19. Can you do a 2020 update? With the coronavirus and 5g too?

  20. How do you spell the name of that fruit they have a really high could an antioxidant for your skin and the dancing I'm not saying it right it can you put the spelling please thank you

  21. Avoid bp3.High antioxidant diet is best sunscreen.Book sunscreen biohazard.Emf freedom. Wifi is like being machine gunned.Spray to heal gutBio dot from England, in 2 days can go out.Harmonize strengths energy field.Emf freedom.comElizabeth.Dr Elizabeth

  22. Tv. Has to tell them. What Idiots

  23. With the launch of 5G networks around the world, this year, we are seeing an increase of news,reports and leading health organizations discussing the potential harm of EMR and the importance of identifying solutions to reduce these harmful raysFor those who claim that the electromagnetic waves we are surrounded by and bombarded with every day are harmless they must reflect!They said the same about ethernit they put on the roofs of every house because it was considered safe for man!Only after years when the truth could no longer be kept hidden have they classified ethernit as carcinogenic to humans, as it is responsible for the death of thousands of people. So they ordered its disposal declaring it highly harmful. Same for asbestos.Even for tobacco they took years before stating that it can cause lung cancer, acute bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema etc, meanwhile the multinationals have profited for years against unsuspecting people.And so for many other cases, different from each other, and it is the same for electromagnetic waves, radio waves etc .. there are already studies that prove that they are responsible for some types of brain tumor, such as Glioma, but most some people still don't believe it.Why wait to get sick when you can protect yourself in time and inhibit the harmful effects of radio and electromagnetic waves thanks to tested, safe and functioning devices?AiresTech products are the solution in my opinionfor those wishing to learn more click on the link is just my opinion which I hope will be positively received, shared and circulated in a constructive and instructive wayA greeting

  24. I don't see much of a difference using a grounding sheet.

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