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How to Oil Cleanse | Skin Care 101

How to Oil Cleanse | Skin Care 101

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Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm*:

Neutrogena Makeup Removing Balm*:

Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil Balm*:

iUnik Calendula Cleansing Oil*:

Purito From Green Cleansing Oil*:

The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm*:


How to Cleanse | Skin Care 101:

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21 gedachten over “How to Oil Cleanse | Skin Care 101

  1. Is albolene considered a cleansing balm??

  2. Do I need to use a cleansing oil/balm if I don't wear makeup?

  3. would u recommend BANILA CO Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm?

  4. I've been removing the coconut oil I use to remove my makeup with a toner made of half apple cider vinegar and half water. Don't worry, I'm about to buy a cleansing balm and I already bought a hydrating cleanser, but… I'm curious about your thoughts on the above.

  5. Hey hyram, i am a boy and I've been watchin ur videos for like century now – so i have a question – u do we really have to oil cleanse even if we dont use makeup – cause u said it can clog your pores- i am scared to try now-

  6. Fungal acne safe cleansing balm?

  7. can you please review the frankincense best skin ever cleanser moisturizer?

  8. Should i double cleanser in the morning too? Or only at night?

  9. Do we rinse cleansing oil/balm with warm water?

  10. I wish I had seen this video BEFORE I watched all those other videos telling me to rub the oil into my face for 20-30 minutes. I'm broke out so bad and now I can't get rid of the acne! I feel like a teenager in the worst way!

  11. I agree with this it what about face oil . People leave those on their face. Are they designed to leave on your face?

  12. I don't comment very often or actually never :DI'm from Belgium so my English writing can sounds/read strange without a translator…I've been searching a long time on youtube for questions i have to be answered without asking it 😀 And Hyram,… Thank u so much. I've been searching so long about this topic… is my cleansing balm the 1st or 2nd cleans. What is the difference…. And i just want to thank u and you have a new follower! Loveee it!

  13. Did anyone go through a purging period after starting to use an oil cleanser? I tried the Inkey List balm for a month before I realised it was breaking me out. I realised it after my acne wasn’t going away as quickly anymore. I’ve started trying out the IUNIK cleansing oil and hoping it works for me. I get that purging actually only happens with actives and retinol/retinoids but a lot of people have said they experienced purging when first double cleansing so I don’t really know.

  14. So we can't wet our face… So we cleanse our face before shower? And only moisture after shower??

  15. Well i've purchased mizon cleancing Balm, eith nice ingridients and the instruct thst it is not requires a double cleancing after it. I didn't try it yet, but after using Scinic cleancing oil my scin is dry, snd i follow it with cerave cleancing for oily scin or that with bha acid, and i feel like they also drying skin. So maybe they really changed the formula of some oil and balm that do not require next step of cleancing… Who knows?

  16. “imagine giving someone a massage, that's how hard you should press” gurl, I'd get bruises

  17. Literally replaid him saying “no worries mijoo” haha he’s hilarious.

  18. Solo quiero decir que te amo, you're amazing

  19. Is the clean it zero cleansing balm safe to use?

  20. Do you need to use a water cleanser after if you use a warm washcloth to remove the oil?

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