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How to Mix Oil & Water, What are Solubilizers for Making Cosmetics? Ι TaraLee

How to Mix Oil & Water, What are Solubilizers for Making Cosmetics?  Ι TaraLee

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How to Mix Water and Oil. What are Solubilizers. Mixing oil and water in cosmetics. Liquid Emulsifiers. All about Solubilizers.

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24 gedachten over “How to Mix Oil & Water, What are Solubilizers for Making Cosmetics? Ι TaraLee

  1. Quest. Polysorbate must be introduced at the begining or in the final stage. I mean for 100 ml splash body mist. If i am using 5ml essential oils i will add 5ml polysorbate. 90 ml mix of aloe vera gel and vegetal glycerin and 10 ml of poly and e. o. Aint understand if first i must mix e. o with poly and then pour in the aquatic phase or i mix from the begining everything

  2. Wooooooow, this was as good as months of research

  3. Okay so I want to blend my gels with my oils like a aloe Vera gel to a oil. How do I do that ?

  4. Hey Tara I have been watching your videos they are so informative Thank you for your time! I have a product that I want the water and oil not to mix. I want you to have to shake the mix before use. Do you recommend using one of these product that you mention in your video or no?

  5. Thanks for this informative video, can there be any a natural alternative of chemical based solubilizers ?

  6. Hey, just found your channel and thanks for letting me know what your channel is about at the beginning of your vid. I really need these kinds of videos so I've just subscribed. I hope to see more of your stuff. 🙂

  7. Thank you so much. You have answered a question that has been in my wonders for decades, lol

  8. Tara you are a literal SCIENTIST I love you so much!!!

  9. I don't have water in my product but i mix aloe gel with oil but it tends to seperate would polysorbate 20 help to blend the two?

  10. When using a high oil load on a cream, should polysorbate 80 be added to the oil phase before emulsion? Or is it better to add it to the water phase. Thanks

  11. what solubilizer would you recommend for a DIY moisturizing face mist which mostly has rosewater and jojoba oil in it? On the Lotioncrafters site it mentions the polysorbates are good for body or linen sprays but what about the face?

  12. This was very helpful, thank you so much!!

  13. Can you use this with water soluble extracts in a oil base?

  14. If you use a surfactant with emollition properties do you have to use a emollient agent also?

  15. I'm making a face glow oil and my oil and mica seem to separate hours later. What can I use to slow this down or eliminate the separation?

  16. Hi I can’t seem to find you bug or body spray video you mention on here can you help me please

  17. Great vid . What do U recommend for unorthodox water based pomades? What would u recommend for say a single serving around 4 ounces size . What would be a good thing to use to combine the oils and waters and how much ? To prevent mold thanks

  18. What ratio essential oil with polisorbate 20 for O/W. Mix.

  19. is Polysorbate 80 (in small quantities) safe for DIY pet products (ie dog shampoo and moisturizing spray)? I see very conflicting info online.

  20. which emulsifier is best for cityl alcohol mix with water ?

  21. Hi Tara, Thanks for the great intro and information shared, i am looking at polysorbate 20 & 80, some internet info shows the ratio of solubilizer for essential oil is 1:5 while carrier oil is 1:10, is that true? what happens if your product have both essential oil and small percentage of carrier oil? hope you can help me out, thanks

  22. Hello Tara. Are there any water-in-oil solibulizers?

  23. Hey! The fragrance oil I’m working with was made with DPG (Dipropylene glycol) and I’m having a hard time mixing it with other oils. It’s separating and sinking to the bottom of the bottle. Do you think solubilizers or emulsifiers with stop this from happening? If so, which would you recommend.Thank you to anyone who can answer this for me.

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