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How to Mix Gas for a 2 Stroke Dirtbike!

How to Mix Gas for a 2 Stroke Dirtbike!

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Hello everyone, today I made a little different of a video than I normally would. Here is how to mix gas for a 2 stroke dirtbike!

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30 gedachten over “How to Mix Gas for a 2 Stroke Dirtbike!

  1. Any idea how i should mix it on my yz125 with a 144cc cylinder kit? The bike has just been sitting for a while so i completely forgot. But i know i should mix a little more oil for the big bore cylinder but i dont know how much

  2. I need some help for my kx65, 1 gallon, 1/4 of oil?

  3. Which is better Castor 927 or k2

  4. Lmao who’s the person that gave this a thumbs down, it was helpful

  5. I’m guessing I have to order oil online cause I don’t have a local store that sells premix 2 stroke oil

  6. What gas can is that? Can I buy it online?

  7. Thank you soooooo much bro helped me out a lot mom and dad is getting me a 49cc dirt bike

  8. How often should you do this?

  9. What graphics kit is that ?

  10. Very underrated thank you so much

  11. I have a 98 rm250 running 93 with klotz and I’m at 32:1 but I’m running very rich what do I do

  12. First 30 seconds is all i needed to Subscribe

  13. thanks you help me! new subscriber here

  14. Buy your 2 stroke oil by the pint like Honda's HP2, 4 gallons of gas and just dump the bottle in – 32:1. I don't need an app to know that. Otherwise, just use a Ratio Rite.

  15. On a rm 80 should I use 93 and what ratio should I use

  16. I used to want a dirt bike so bad. Then I grew up, my values changed, and now I think they are kind of trashy

  17. amsoil everyone amsoil its simply great

  18. How much water do you add to the gas/oil? I think I might no be adding enough for my bike.

  19. To eliminate the hassle of removing gas from the carborator get StarTron or any other good fuel stabilizer that you can trust. It's worth keeping it on hand since most 2 stroke dirtbike oil does not have fuel stabilizers in it.

  20. you earned a subscribe from me

  21. Thanks! Nice and simple video

  22. Can I use the same amount of oil for a Yamaha banshee?

  23. Another tip when you have the oil in the measuring Cup and you poured it the big gallon gas can and it didn’t take all the oil take the big gallon gas can pour some gas in the measuring cup swish it around and Pour it back in the can

  24. What ratio should i use on a 2005 ktm 125sx

  25. Just getting my first 2 stroke tomorrow.. Thanks for the help…

  26. Bruh you made it more complex

  27. Does a 1998 Yamaha YZ125 use any 2 cycle premix or does it have to be a certain one?

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