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How to make Rose Hip Oil (+anti-ageing facial oil)

How to make Rose Hip Oil (+anti-ageing facial oil)

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Instructions on how to make a basic Rose Hip Oil. Then with a few additional ingredients we make a Lavender and Rose Anti-ageing Facial Oil (perfect for day, or night time use).

Rose hips
Jojoba (I used
Vitamin E capsules
Lavender essential oil
Rose essential oil

Please Note: While I do research my recipes please note I am not a licensed herbalist or cosmetologist, so all AHC recipes and tips should be used at your own risk. I can not be held accountable for any action you take in regard to this material. Please take care with regard to essential oils, especially on children and during pregnancy.

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25 gedachten over “How to make Rose Hip Oil (+anti-ageing facial oil)

  1. Hi there, wondering where you get the “carrier oil” from and how long this will keep? Do you refrigerate it to help preserve it? I see you used a couple of Vit. E capsules to also help keep it. Thank you and great video!

  2. I wish you would had showed how you did it….

  3. This might be a dumb question so I apologize in advance…but can you use dried rose hips? I don't think well I don't really know where to get fresh rose hips? Would you get the same benefits with the dried roses.

  4. Heating oil is not the best idea. The oil oxidises when heated. Is becomes toxic and creates free radicals.

  5. Hi does anyone know which natural preservatives are best for making the oil last longer ?

  6. you need, please, to write down the ingredients, did not understand the oil you used first and the one you put like preservative. thank you very much.

  7. Thanks for the video. Where did you buy your decorative labels from?

  8. This is lovely but for Rosehip Seed oil to be 100% effective, you need to cold press the mixture. However, with the Vit E, yes it would be good for our skin…but not the real drama of real Rosehip Oil and is natures' Retin-a. xxoo Susan

  9. Probable a dumb question, but can I harvest rose hip when they are dead and brown, or is it too late? Anything I can with them?

  10. plz were can i buy the rosehip seed in nigerian lagos so i can make mine for anti aging oil plz waiting for ue responsed thanks

  11. Will rosehip oil help with itchy skin? My hands and feet get super itchy and hydrocortisone cream doesn’t do anything for it.

  12. grrrrrrrrr…. postman hahaha XD

  13. It's pronounced HoHoba oil not yohoba oil

  14. Can i use olive oil instead of jojobo oil???

  15. Can we just buy some Rose hips and chop them or grind them with a coffee grinder? Also can you add any vitamin A oil?

  16. My rose hips are green. Did I pick them too soon? Mid August?

  17. Sorry girl, but cold pressed rose hip oil is made from seeds.

  18. look at this video and how you are not making rosehip oil!!!!

  19. Just found your video. It's autumn now in NZ and we're nearly out of lockdown. Yay 🙂 Have ordered carrier oil (cosmetic grade Almond Oil) and super excited. We have had a few frosts already but the hips I have are quite big from old fashioned roses and haven't gone hard yet. How soft should they be? Another quick question – do you wash your hips? The ones I have picked are quite dirty on the bottom where the flower head was. Is it ok to have a mix of yellow and red hips? Thank you 🙂

  20. This is infused oil, not rosehip oil!

  21. Hey yall this is so wrong, this is definitely NOT how rosehip oil is made. It's so dangerous that you don't know the things you're doing and spread it all over the internet. Please learn carefully, your content was saying much about you.

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