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How to make CBD oil with a Crock Pot!

How to make CBD oil with a Crock Pot!

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In this video I show you how to make CBD oil in a crockpot. This recipe is a simple recipe that requires a few extra kitchen tools, but overall is very basic. The recipe today includes:

1 Cup MCT oil
28g (1oz) of CBD hemp flower

That is it! Its so simple! You can replace the MCT oil with Olive oil or Hemp seed oil if you desire a different carrier oil.

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28 gedachten over “How to make CBD oil with a Crock Pot!

  1. I got 230 min in and had information overload so I decided to wait and read your book .

  2. Why do you put it in the oven I don,t understand

  3. Hello: I have a question? With your decarboxylate box , can you smell the aroma while in the oven? Odor is a concern for me.Thank you

  4. so is thc still in this oil?

  5. The CBD oil that I buy Is usually Clear or slightly yellow and yours looks green,what causes that?

  6. Do you put water in the base of the crock pot or just the bowl

  7. How do u determine the MG amount of cbd. Example 250 mg..500 MG etc ?

  8. how can you tell how strong the oil is, as we see when they sell cod oil at 10%, 20%… Is it possible that it would be too concentrated ? Is this for intake use or external ?

  9. This is a great video for beginners ty

  10. what kind of lecetine you use to make clear tincture ?

  11. Crazy question. I see you using the Magic Butter decarb box but I don't see you using the thermometer that comes with it. I'm guessing you've done this enuff to gauge the outcome. But I'm just curious as to why you're not using it.

  12. Good Morning! A question I have here, if anyone can answer I would appreciate it! I saw on some channels that people sometimes only use the flower/fruit of Cannabis, while others also do it with the whole ground plant!In this case what is the difference? The amount of CBD and other oils in each part of the plant or what?Thanks in advance for the tips!

  13. Does this also contain thc?

  14. Hi, if I were to use 2 cups with 1 oz of flower I assume the potency wouldn’t be as high but the quantity would be higher? Have you used 2 cups before? Thanks

  15. You are boring, you talk to much

  16. Quick question how do I know if there's THC in my cbd oil? Don't want to get high I want to use it for medical purposes

  17. Why do you decarb CBD I thought CBD does not need to be decarb to work

  18. N how do u no how strong it is for pain

  19. Where can u buy the MCT oil

  20. Thank you. Good walk through to do it this way if decide to do so.

  21. dry or fresh cbd flower

  22. Good nite can u use this same oil to make infused lotion also

  23. Cheers all the way from New Zealand

  24. Is decaf I got drying?

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